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* [[Toolbox Overview]]
* [[ツールボックスの概要]]
* [[Dice Rolling GUI]]
* [[Dice Rolling GUI]]
* [[Drawing Tools]]
* [[Drawing Tools]]

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Roll20 コミュニティウィキへようこそ! このWikiは Roll20についてのインフォメーション、ドキュメント、コミュニティによるTIPS&TRICKS、あなたの好きなTRPGでのRoll20の使い方、その他様々な情報のリポジトリです。

As with everything Roll20-related, we rely on the community to help us create and maintain this information. So if you have some tips and tricks or other information to share, feel free to jump right in and contribute.


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Roll20 Documentation

The Roll20 Documentation provides information on all the various features built in to Roll20. Chances are good if you have a question about how to use a Roll20 feature, this is a place to find it.

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System Specific Guides

Below you'll find links to community-created guides on running different games in Roll20. These are just suggestions, you can run your games in Roll20 however you'd like, and Roll20 works with hundreds of games not listed here.

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