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ADnD 2nd Edition Character sheet Simplified

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Revision as of 20:10, 16 June 2018 by AquaAlex (Talk | contribs)

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Advanced 2nd Edition (Simple Sheet) Character Sheet guide is intended to help DMs and Players better understand the Roll20 AD&D 2nd Edition Simplified Character sheet. The sheet was created by Aqua Alex based on the sheet of Dylan G. and Stephen S.

This sheet tries to create the simplest basic sheet with no Roll Templates, no Buttons, no Tabs and No Worker Scripts. The sheet is actively supported by Roll20 volunteers, so please feel free to lend your support through, feedback, testing, suggestions, coding, and keeping this guide updated and helpful.

Please post questions, comments, suggestions, etc. on the most current test Game session at:
Test ADnD 2e Simplified Sheet

The latest community version of the sheet can be found on GitHub, AD&D_2E%20Simple If you are using the community Second Edition sheet, any updates to the sheet will be pushed automatically.


Here are some frequently asked questions that often come up concerning the AD&D 2nd Edition Character Sheet.

Q: I like buttons or drop downs or roll templates or worker scripts is there a sheet for AD&D 2e that has that?

A: Yes there is a Simplified sheet with no Worker Scripts, Roll Templates, Tabs, Buttons or Drop Downs. Can see the code here: AD&D 2E Sheet.

Q: Can I set sheet values from a macro?

A: No, you must be a Pro member and use the API to set sheet or token values from macros. If a token bar is mapped to an attribute, setting the token will update the sheet, but it will not call any custom sheet code and update secondary fields.

Q: I found a problem and wonder if anyone else found it yet?

A: Go to the AD&D 2nd Edition Test Game first to see if your issue is already being worked on. If you don't see it, follow the instructions in the next question:

Q: I found a bug, have a question, suggestion, need help, etc. regarding the AD&D 2nd Edition Character Sheet. What should I do?

A: The best resource regarding the sheet is to post to the Roll20's Character Sheets forum. Please include as much detail as possible to help isolate the bug to expedite a fix.

Q: Why can't I adjust some of the fields on the sheet?

A: There are many auto-calculated attributes found on the sheet and are depicted as number fields with a gray background. While you can adjust the "sub" attributes used to calculate these fields, you cannot adjust auto-calculated attributes directly.

Q: How will users of the AD&D 2nd Edition sheet know when the sheet is updated?

A: You can always check the bottom of the character sheet to see the latest build date and to check for announcements of upcoming changes. Updates to the sheet will be pushed automatically. There is also an announcement checkbox that if ticked will show latest changes.

Q: How do I make a (class ability, attack, feat, spell, inventory item, racial trait, trait) macro using a sheet roll?

A: Create a Macro/Ability that includes a button's name ie %{selected|button_name}. If you mouse-over the buttons it shows you what the button's name is. e.g.(To create a macro for weapon attack 0, include %{selected|repeating_weapon_$0_Attack} within your macro.) You can also drag and drop any repeating section/row button to the macro quick bar.


Version 1.0.0

  • Sheet as published

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All reference to copyright material is not intended to infringe on any copyright. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition and related materials are copyrighted and owned by Wizards of the Coast.