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API:Script Index

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This repository is the collection of all the community-contributed API scripts that are available for use on Roll20.


If you're interested in contributing to the Roll20 API Community Scripts please visit the API GitHub Repository and follow the instructions in the file at the bottom of the page.

Scripts By Category

General Purpose Scripts

Combat Scripts

Tokens - Conditions / Status / Health

Roll20 API Getting Started


Tokens - Movement

Lighting and Revealing

Characters - Equipment





Game Specific Scripts

AD&D (Dungeons and Dragons 2e)

Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game

DnD 4th Edition

Edge of the Empire

Exalted Second Edition

  • Successes -- reports successes for d10 rolls per Exalted rules.

Fantasy Craft 2nd Printing

HERO System


Savage Worlds

  • Raise Count -- Counts raises on a roll against a given target number

Star Wars Saga

Zombie Dice

Utility Scripts

These scripts are generally not intended to be used alone, but are often instead required by some of the above scripts. Alone, these scripts will not do anything for your campaign, but rather they create functions to be used by other scripts.

  • CommandShell -- Framework for marshalling chat commands with POSIX-shell-style arguments, permissions, and duplicate-command checking.
  • GMCode -- Generates a unique code to authenticate the GM.
  • Interpreted sendChat -- Send a message to the chat as the same person or character that triggered a chat event
  • IsGM Auth Module -- Provides a function isGM() for determining if a player id refers to a gm. Intended for use alongside other scripts.
  • levenshteinDistance -- Measure the difference between strings
  • splitArgs -- Split a string into arguments
  • Token Collisions -- A library for detecting collisions among tokens during movement.
  • Vector Math -- A library for vector mathematics.