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API:Script Index

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Work in Progress

Scripts By Category

General Purpose Scripts

Combat Scripts

Tokens - Conditions / Status / Health

Tokens - Movement

Auto Teleporting and Chat Based TeleportingTeleporting based on text commands or token locations.Marching orderTracking marching order of charactersCarrying tokensTokens carrying other tokens such as torches.Movement Tracker and Aura HighlighterUses auras to track character movement based on speeds.Character token locatorCreates an aura and shrinks it slowly to help you find your token.Time/Torch TrackerShrinking light auras of torches.Units MovedTracks units moved.Disable Rotation via Chat Window CommandDisable the rotation of tokens in the chat window.Hourglass, Stopwatch, etc.Visual UI interface. Uses for asking players to wait.Patrolling TokensScript for patrolling tokens.Trap script (like in vid)Script for using traps.Interpolated trap detection

Lighting and Revealing

Light SwitchScript for turning on and off lights with chat commands.!reveal commandAutomatically moves tokens from the GM layer to objects layer, making them reveal to players.Light is Closing In...A light reduction script for token movement.

Characters - Equipment

set weapon values using the APITracks weapons equipped by characters.Trader Joes Inventory Management


It's the Monster Mash! An adventure in Encounters!It's the Monster Mash! An adventure in Encounters!Weather Generator Script


Graphic/Token snapshot saving/loading for building your own macrosSystem for tracking a loading token set upsString FormatterFormats a string for printing.Detecting nearest tokenScript for detecting the nearest token after one is moved.Chat Command ScriptScript for standardizing and preventing duplication of chat commands.Scrolling Macro bar


Language ScriptA script for auto converting text to elven or dwarven.What Did He Say?Language based scripting


API command process, standard model.API command process, standard model.

Game Specific Scripts

Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire Dice with Images in the Chat WindowEdge of the Empire Dice

DnD 4th Edition

Combattemporary hit points. Also prevents over healing.Tools4th edition. Adds marking to the Combat script.4e Helper4th edition collection of scripts.4e combat engine4e Monster generator based on MM3 math

Zombie Dice

Zombie_DiceA Script for playing zombie dice

Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game

Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game

HERO System

[Script] HERO System scripts to automate the combat

AD&D (Dungeons and Dragons 2e)

2nd Ed Character Sheet


PFRPG-ALL-IN-ONEPathfinder Character Sheet Generator v3Character sheet generator for PathfinderInspired Collection

Star Wars Saga

Star Wars Saga Edition Character Sheet

Fantasy Craft 2nd Printing

Fantasy Craft (2nd printing) - Standard character token managementFantasy Craft - Standard character damage save

API Docs

API Cookbook

API Best Practices