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API:Script Index

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Scripts By Category

General Purpose Scripts

Combat Scripts

Tokens - Conditions / Status / Health

Tokens - Movement

Lighting and Revealing

  • Light Switch -- Script for turning on and off lights with chat commands.
  • !reveal command -- Automatically moves tokens from the GM layer to objects layer, making them reveal to players.
  • Light is Closing In... -- A light reduction script for token movement.

Characters - Equipment





Game Specific Scripts

Edge of the Empire

DnD 4th Edition

Zombie Dice

Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game

HERO System

AD&D (Dungeons and Dragons 2e)


Star Wars Saga

Fantasy Craft 2nd Printing

API Docs

API Cookbook

API Best Practices

Main article: API:Best Practices

Include namespaces for your functions and variables, to avoid potential name collisions with other authors.

Use easy, short, readable function and variable names. Names like x1, fe2, and xbqne are practically meaningless. Names like incrementorForMainLoopWhichSpansFromTenToTwenty are overly verbose.

Keep your code legible, especially if you need to ask for help on the forums. Additionally, please write your code in English.

Comments! At the very least, comments describing your configuration variables are helpful to everyone who installs your script.

Learn to love _. You have access to Underscore.js, a library with many useful utility functions.