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Achievements are small badges which appear on your profile page as you accomplish certain tasks. Some achievements are easy to get, while others take some time. A complete listing of all available achievements has not been released, so this page is constructed from achievements that have been found by various users.


All Opinions are Valid

All Opinions.png Achievement get! All Opinions are Valid

Post on the Community Forums.

Better to Give

Better to Give.png Achievement get! Better to Give

Gift subscription time to another user. Any amount is sufficient.

I Know You're Out There

I Know You're Out There.png Achievement get! I Know You're Out There

Post a game to the Looking For Group search tool.

Never Ending Story

Never Ending Story.png Achievement get! Never Ending Story

Run a game for six months.

Patron of the Arts

Artpatron.png Achievement get! Patron of the Arts

Purchase an art pack from the Marketplace.

Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You.png Achievement get! Getting to Know You

Complete your profile. This includes uploading an avatar picture, adding a bio, and adding a list of games you enjoy playing.

See Me Rollin'

See Me Rollin.png Achievement get! See Me Rollin'

Add an avatar picture to your profile.


Scribe.png Achievement get! Scribe

Fill out all fields in your games.

Note: There may be a bug with this achievement, or its award conditions are unclear. There are several users without the achievement who should meet the stated requirements.

Script Runner

Script Runner.png Achievement get! Script Runner

Use an API script. This appears to only work with API commands (of the !command variety) which are processed by a script; actions which trigger API scripts but which are not API commands do not seem to grant this achievements, and API commands which are not processed do not grant this achievement.

The API is a Pro subscriber perk. A game's creator must have a Pro subscription in order to install an API script. However, any user in the game may use installed scripts.

Sheet Auteur

Sheet Auteur.png Achievement get! Sheet Auteur

Create a community character sheet. Creating a community sheet requires submitting it to the GitHub repository. While anyone may submit to the repository, only Pro subscribers are capable of creating custom sheets, and therefore only Pro subscribers are capable of accurately testing the sheets they create.

Achievement Series

The following achievements are each a collection of achievements that are awarded for repeating the same actions additional times. The section titles below will name only the first achievement in the series.


Bughunter1.png Achievement get! Bughunter
Bughunter10.png Achievement get! Exterminator

Post in the Bug Reports & Technical Issues forum. Bughunter is awarded for your first bug report, and Exterminator is awarded for your 10th bug report.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Consecutive3.png Achievement get! Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Consecutive10.png Achievement get! One Of Us

Load the tabletop over a series of consecutive days. Won't You Be My Neighbor? is awarded for three days, and One Of Us is awarded for 10 days.

It is possible to earn these achievements without leaving the tabletop, if you're able and willing to leave your computer on for that duration. It does not require that you leave and re-enter the tabletop screen.

Getting Started

Played10.png Achievement get! Getting Started
Played50.png Achievement get! Warming Up
Played100.png Achievement get! Getting Good
Played250.png Achievement get! Sands of Time
Played1000.png Achievement get! K Club

Log time on the virtual tabletop. Getting Started is awarded for 10 hours, Warming Up is awarded for 50 hours, Getting Good is awarded for 100 hours, Sands of Time is awarded for 250 hours, and K Club is awarded for 1,000 hours.

Group Gatherer

Playedwith5.png Achievement get! Group Gatherer
Playedwith10.png Achievement get! Socialite
Playedwith25.png Achievement get! Citizen
Playedwith50.png Achievement get! Bureaucrat
Playedwith100.png Achievement get! Representative
Playedwith250.png Achievement get! Senator

Play games with other users. Group Gatherer is awarded for playing with five other users, Socialite is awarded for playing with 10 other users, Citizen is awarded for playing with 25 other users, Bureaucrat is awarded for playing with 50 other users, Representative is awarded for playing with 100 other users, and Senator is awarded for playing with 250 other users.

Each of the 5-250 users you play with must be a different account.

I've Got An Idea

GM Count1.png Achievement get! I've Got An Idea
GM Count5.png Achievement get! Friendly Neighborhood GM
GM Count10.png Achievement get! The Dedicated GM
GM Count25.png Achievement get! The Games Master

Act as GM for games on Roll20. I've Got An Idea is awarded for one game, Friendly Neighborhood GM is awarded to five games, and The Dedicated GM is awarded for 10 games. There is a fourth image available for what appears to be an achievement awarded at 25 games, but the achievement's name is currently unknown.

The games you create must actually have players in them in order to count.

Them Bones

Rolled100.png Achievement get! Them Bones
Rolled1000.png Achievement get! Dice Slinger
Rolled5000.png Achievement get! High Roller
Rolled10000.png Achievement get! It's Raining Dice

Roll dice. Them Bones is awarded for making 100 rolls, Dice Slinger is awarded for making 1,000 rolls, High Roller is awarded for making 5,000 rolls, and It's Raining Dice is awarded for making 10,000 rolls.

It is unconfirmed but likely that rolls generated by an API script on your behalf do not count towards these achievements.