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title: Acknowledgements
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Created By

Riley Dutton, a web developer with more than 7 years experience creating powerful user experiences. Apparently, he enjoys spending his free time creating virtual tabletop software. He lives with his lovely wife, Lindsay, his 1-year-old son, Noah, and their yappy dog, Duffy. You can reach him at or on Twitter @rileydutton.

With help from Nolan T. Jones, a writer and aspiring comic creator who handles the PR side of things. He intends to conquer the world through the written word, although the exact details of the plan still remain a mystery. He and his fellow Jayhawker wife Cayla reside in Las Vegas, NV with a small array of pets. You can best reach him on Twitter @nolantj.

And featuring Richard Zayas, an entrepeneur who helps us stay in business. He is resolved to helping his friends achieve their dreams; his are still up in the air. He currently resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife, Ali, and their fat cat, Zelda. You can reach him on Twitter at @richardzayas.

Team Mod

Roll20 couldn't function without the tremendous help of our team of volunteer community moderators. These are the folks who you can thank for making sure that we're aware of issues, and bugging us to get them fixed.

Zachary Cross for his invaluable early (and current) aid in taming the community forums.

Ken Bauer for his support and moderation skills, as well as uncanny ability to buy everything on the Marketplace even though we try to give it to him for free.

Eric Dalquist for his moderation aid and coding prowess, including daunting testing tasks and regex requests. Eric has also worked to greatly improve the Roll20 dice engine, including adding support for numerous additional dice mechancis.

Kristin Carlson for her razor-sharp focus in forum organization, list making, and patience in helping us write support documents. Kristin is also responsible for creating the excellent 3D dice models and textures used by default in Roll20.

Tristan Judice for contacting creators to bring their work to Roll20, and his considerable contributions in advertising for the platform.

Gauss for his tireless efforts to leave no plea unanswered on the forums.

Special Thanks

With special thanks to the following for thier contributions to the cause:

Dylan Todd for his amazing work creating our beautiful logo.

Chris Clouser (a.k.a. Mock) for his helpful advice regarding the dice rolling mechanics of the incredibly large number of role playing systems that exist in the wild.

White Hat

We want to include special recognition for the follwoing users who have responsibly disclosed potential security issues to the Roll20 team:

Christopher L. Burdett (a.k.a. Deightine)

Jon Yarbor (a.k.a Blazedd)

Art & Assets

The following art and other assets are included by Roll20 for personal, non-commercial use inside of your campaigns.

Tokens by Devin Night

A great set of tokens that cover many of the most-used types of monsters and PC classes in fantasy roleplaying games. Devin also has additional tokens for sale on his website, which you can drag and drop to upload to Roll20 and use in your campaigns after purchase.

Fantastic Maps Dungeon Tileset by Jonathan Roberts

This is a great tileset that features everything from walls to floors and even details like hanging lamps and candles. You'll find it by searching inside the Art library for keywords such as "wall" or "candle". Find more of Jonathan's great work at his website.

Web Search

Roll20 features a powerful web search that automatically searches the web for art assets from many different online sources. Credit is given above the image in the results view for each of the assets. We do our best to only find assets that are released for free personal use, but if you find an asset that's been included by our search engine by mistake, please let us know.


Roll20's Jukebox feature lets you find music to use during your play sessions. It searches the SoundCloud website, which features music produced and shared by a variety of independent artists.

Dice Font

Roll20 uses the excellent "Art's Polyhedral Dice Font" from Skullduggery Press to display dice icons throughout the app. You can read more about this font at their site.

Open Source & Third-Party Software

Roll20 couldn't exist without standing on the shoulders of giants. The following open-source and third-party projects have helped make it a reality.

  • Firebase -- the service that helps us keep everyone in sync in real-time
  • FabricJS -- a fantastic Canvas-based vector imaging library
  • ThreeJS -- a Javascript/WebGL 3D Engine
  • Physijs -- Javascript-based physics engine for ThreeJS
  • OpenTok -- lets us bring you video and voice chat
  • jQuery -- needs no introduction, a seminal piece of Javascript
  • BackboneJS -- keeps us organized when everything is flying around in a giant mess
  • Padrino -- powers the administration section of the site
  • NodeJS -- the amazing concurrent server that lets us keep the info flowing
  • Twitter Bootstrap -- gives us the style we need to look somewhat legitimate

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but we wanted to especially recognize these projects that make us tick. Open source powers the web, and we thank all of the programmers who take time out of their busy schedule to make the world a better place.