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{{#evp:youtube|4Qu5OfHZw9M|Art Library Tutorial|center|700}}
{{#evp:youtube|4Qu5OfHZw9M|Art Library Tutorial|center|700}}

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The Art Library (which is the second tab of the Sidebar) is where you search for images to use as tokens, tiles, and maps for your Campaign.

To find assets, just type a keyword into the searchbox. Roll20 will automatically search through any files you have uploaded, the Roll20 Marketplace, and popular RPG forums and sites on the webs to find assets matching those keywords. When you find an asset you want to use, just drag and drop it from the Art Library area onto the tabletop to add it to your Campaign.

Tutorial Video

This is a tutorial on the Art Library in Roll20.

Art Library Tutorial


By clicking the star next to any result, you can add the image to Your Library. The image will automatically appear at the top of the results the next time you search for the same keyword.

Your Library

If you select the star icon next to the search box, you access Your Library. Your Library includes images you have uploaded, images you have starred from search results, and assets you have purchased in the Roll20 Marketplace. You can add multiple tags to any asset in Your Library, and it will appear in search results for that tag in the future. You can also click the "Upload" tab at the top to upload images to Your Library by dragging and dropping or choosing them from your file system. You can upload ten images at a time in a batch. There is a 5MB maximum limit to an image upload (this is for a singular graphic or for a batch of them).

Your Quota

Roll20 allows 100MB worth of art assets to be used by a base account (the default account type). Note that only images you've uploaded to Your Library (not including asests from the Marketplace) count toward your quota. To free up space, you can simply delete items in Your Library that you've uploaded by selecting the red trash can icon next to the image. The system will prompt you prior to deleting the data to confirm that you wish to continue.

You can check your current quota usage on your My Account page