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* '''using [[BCS#Dropdown_menu|optgroup]] in <code><nowiki><select></nowiki></code> doesn't work on custom sheets''', even though it works on existing sheets like [[Free Spacer]]
* '''using [[BCS#Dropdown_menu|optgroup]] in <code><nowiki><select></nowiki></code> doesn't work on custom sheets''', even though it works on existing sheets like [[Free Spacer]]
** {{fpl|10017485/ discussion}} May 2021
** {{fpl|10017485/ discussion}} May 2021
** workaround is to add styled, [ disabled] <code><nowiki><option></nowiki></code> in place of <code><nowiki><optgroup></nowiki></code>-elements
** workaround: [[CSS_Wizardry#Optgroup]]
* '''"Newly-dropped characters now must fully resolve before closing the window"'''
* '''"Newly-dropped characters now must fully resolve before closing the window"'''
** {{fpl|10066145/ rapport}} by [[Keith]] May 2021
** {{fpl|10066145/ rapport}} by [[Keith]] May 2021

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Listing random quirks of the sheet system, especially those related to coding, editing & updating character sheets.

See BCS/Updates for previously fixed bugs.

Note: The "Month Year" mention at end is a guaranteed last observation of the bug.




Sheet code/editing bugs that doesn't fit other categories.

  • Using the word eval anywhere in the sheet code will stop everything from working. Roll20 have put is as a security measure to prevent eval to be used even in a roundabout way. You cant have attribute or class names that includes it.
    • this also prevent you from import google fonts that happen to have "eval" as part of the name
  • using optgroup in <select> doesn't work on custom sheets, even though it works on existing sheets like Free Spacer
  • "Newly-dropped characters now must fully resolve before closing the window"
  • translation special character bug May 2021
    • avoid placing symbols & special characters in translations
  • changing default value of attributes will change untouched values of existing sheet. May 2021


Bugs in how sheetworkers function.

JavaScript Restrictions


Bugs related to Character Sheet Enhancement(CSE).

  • HTML replacement characters have been observed to sometimes be converted prematurely after the CSE update was made which can cause sheet roll macros to break.
    • Only appears to happen in CSE-mode. reported by Ayethin & Vince
    • Workaround: since nested quotes and/or queries that include special characters may break in CSE-mode, try substituting the ampersand character as well. ie &quot; should be changed to &amp;quot;.
    • Roll20 have improvements to make html characters redundant
  • in some cases, .charsheet needs to be added to the CSS classes, which previously worked fine with Legacy Sheet
    • ex. .charsheet span{ width: 150px;}, instead of span{ width: 150px;}
  • Asterisks disappearing from CSS comments.
    • Chris D. may have uncovered strange behavior with CSS comments using multiple asterisk characters. eg /******/
    • Scott C. notes that this may be an older bug and suggests to use # instead. eg /*######*/
  • detail & summary element styling is inconsistent between browsers/versions


Bugs that only affect Legacy Character Sheets(LCS).

  • In legacy mode, the number comparison functions stop working if the number you are comparing is below zero.


Bug affecting how sheets uploaded to the GitHubLogo.png work or function.
  • replacing sheet images on github doesn't always update on sheet to make sure images change on sheet when updating/replacing them, change their name/reference in the code, eg. logo.jpg to logo2.jpg.

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