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Character Sheet/API

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Main Page: Character Sheets

Main Page: API:Script Index

Various scripts related to Character Sheets, and managing them.

  • CharSheet -- Allow players to create their own character sheets.
  • Welcome Package(Forum) -- API create and assigns character sheets to new people who join a game
  • PlayerCharacters(Forum) -- Player & Character Manager. List all Player Characters divided by Player for the GM, or all assigned Characters for a Player. Add Characters for GM and Players.
  • PublicSheet(Forum) -- Creates a "public" version of character sheets that players can't edit, which mirrors the actual character sheet.
  • Reporter(Forum) -- A script to poll the game and return info on Token/Character pairs, along with customized action tools.
  • Observer(Forum) -- Manages observer players, who are given the visibility (and control) of all player characters. This is useful for both podcasting views and local play on a single player screen.


Most game systems have some form of equipment to make characters better. While scripts dealing with that equipment may necessarily be system-specific, there are scripts which handle equipment in a more general fashion.

  • Ammo -- Provides inventory management for ammunition stored in an attribute of a character. Can be used with any char sheet


Manipulate one or more characters' attributes. Anything that is system-specific should be placed in the system's category below; this section is for system-agnostic attribute manipulation.

  • Ammo -- API for tracking ammo use & recovery.
  • ChatSetAttr -- Create, modify, and delete character attributes via chat commands or macros. ChatSetAttr can be embedded into normal macros.
  • GroupCheck -- A way to quickly roll a group check for everyone, and see who succeed
    • ApplyDamage(Forum) -- Supplementary API to GroupCheck, which enables to automatically apply damage to a group of characters, based on failed/succeeded GroupCheck rolls. Example: Damage of an AoE Spell, based on success/fail on saving throw
  • Conditions -- Track attribute-modifying conditions.
  • EasyExperience -- Make awarding experience easy and choose your experience progression.
  • LazyExperience(Forum) -- to record experience during a game. Inspired by EasyEx, biggest difference is that it has an option to reward experience directly.
  • Experience Tracker -- (Note: Old API, not updated since 2016) Automatic tracking of a D&D 5e-like experience system, as well as level up announcement in chat. !xp handles experience and announces level up.

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