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Character Sheet Enhancement

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Character Sheet Creation
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Main Page: Building Character Sheets

Character Sheet Enhancement is an upcoming update to character sheet and how they are made, enabling many new features, and removing some existing restrictions sheet creators have had to deal with. On Jan 29th 2021 it was made avaiable on the Dev Server for testing.

Roll20 have said there will eventually be documenation how the new things will work.



A summary of what updates the system will have

  • HTML updates:
    • Accessibility enhancements: ARIA and semantic HTML support
    • No pre-pending of “sheet-” to classes
    • Enable use of #id in HTML elements
    • Allowing the usage of HTML datalists – details
    • Allowing the usage of HTML <details> and <summary>-elements – details
  • The CSS sanitizer has been removed, which now allows for:
    • Media queries that allow responsive design
    • Sheet authors can now use the print media query to style their character sheet for printing from the popout window – details
    • Support for CSS Animations – details
  • Integrated macro bar for character quick attacks, including pop out windows
  • Character Sheet/Stat Block is the default for opening a PC/NPC This is being reverted until we have more research regarding implementation.


collection of examples & usercases of some features. Please expand with code or links to examples/documentation.


"Datalists are a helpful tool for sheet authors to guide players toward filling out input-fields. Datalists combines the precision of a dropdown-field with the flexibility of an input-field." -Peter B.

<input type="text" list="abilityScores" name="attr_abilityScore">
<datalist id="abilityScores">
    <option value="@{strength}">Strength</option>
    <option value="@{dexterity}">Dexterity</option>
    <option value="@{constitution}">Constitution</option>
    <option value="@{intelligence}">Intelligence</option>
    <option value="@{wisdom}">Wisdom</option>
    <option value="@{charisma}">Charisma</option>


A more simple way to create a collapsible section on a sheet than the old CSS tricks we have.

You have a <details> where everything is inside, and then the <summary>-element inside it determine what is shown when it's collapsed.

  <summary>Epcot Center</summary>
  <p>Epcot is a theme park at Walt Disney World Resort featuring exciting attractions, international pavilions, award-winning fireworks and seasonal special events.</p>