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===Hero Kids===
===Hero Kids===
===Hero Quest===
===Hero Quest===
* ICONS Assembled
* ICONS Assembled

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The following is a list of current community-created and official character sheets that are available when creating a new Roll20 Game.


Sheets By System


13th Age

  • 13th Age Legacy
  • 13th Age Official Sheet


  • Conan
  • Infinity
  • Mutant Chronicles: 3rd Edition

3D&T ALPHA (Portuguese)


A Song of Ice and Fire

AGE System

  • Dragon Age
  • Dragon Age RPG (Portuguese)
  • Fantasy Age
  • Titansgrave

Aborea (German)

Against the Dark Yogi

Agone (French)

Alderac Entertainment Group

  • 7th Sea: 1st Edition
  • 7th Sea: 2nd Edition
  • Legend of the Five Rings: 4th Edition



Anima Beyond Fantasy

  • Anima: Beyond Fantasy
  • Anima: Beyond Fantasy (French)
  • Anima: Beyond Fantasy (Spanish)

Anime Campaign

Antika (French)

Apocalypse World Engine

  • Apocalypse World: 1st Edition
  • Apocalypse World: 2nd Edition
  • Dungeon World
  • Dungeon World (Chinese)
  • Dungeon World (French)
  • Dungeon World (Portuguese/Brazilian)
  • Dungeon World (Spanish)
  • Ghost Lines
  • Masks: A New Generation
  • Monsterhearts
  • Sagas of the Icelanders
  • Streets of Marienburg
  • The Bureau
  • The Sprawl
  • The Veil
  • Titan World
  • Uncharted Worlds
  • Urban Shadows
  • World of Dungeons

Ars Magica: 5th Edition

Atomic Highway


BASH Ultimate Edition

Barbarians Of Lemuria: Mythic Edition

Basic Fantasy RPG

Basic Roleplaying System

  • Arkham Horror
  • Basic Roleplaying
  • Call of Cthulhu: 5th Edition<
  • Call of Cthulhu: 5th Edition (Spanish)
  • Call of Cthulhu: 6th Edition
  • Call of Cthulhu: 6th Edition (French)
  • Call of Cthulhu: 7th Edition
  • Call of Cthulhu: 7th Edition (Chinese Traditional)
  • Call of Cthulhu: 7th Edition (French)
  • Call of Cthulhu: 7th Edition (German)
  • Call of Cthulhu: Dark Ages
  • Cthulhu Tech
  • Cultos Innombrables (Spanish)
  • Stormbringer
  • The Laundry

Better Angels

Big Eyes Small Mouth

  • Big Eyes Small Mouth
  • Big Eyes Small Mouth: 3rd Edition (Simple)

Blades in the Dark

Blue Planet

Burning Wheel

  • Burning Wheel
  • Mouse Guard
  • Torchbearer



Cahiers du Vastemonde

Capes, Cowls & Villains Foul

Castles & Crusades

Channel Fear (French)

Chris Perrin's Mecha

Chroniques Oubliées

  • Chroniques Galactiques (French)
  • Chroniques Oubliées Fantasy (French)

City of Mist

Classic Traveller

Conan: 2nd Edition





Cypher System

  • Cypher System
  • Cypher System French
  • No Thank You, Evil
  • Numenera
  • Numenera (French)
  • Numenera (Tabbed)
  • The Strange
  • The Strange (Multiple Recursion)



  • D6 Fantasy
  • D6 Space
  • Star Wars: (D6) West End Games

Das Schwarze Auge

  • Das Schwarze Auge 4 (German)
  • Das Schwarze Auge 5 (German)

Dead of Night



Demon Hunters

Digital Shades

Doctor Who RPG

Dogs in the Vineyard

Dragon De Poche 2 (French)


Drakar och Demoner 6.0 (Swedish)

Dungeon Crawl Classics

Dungeon Slayers 4

Dungeon Squad

Dungeons and Dragons

3.5 Edition

  • 3.5 Adventure Pack
  • 3.5 Edition
  • 3.5 Edition (Chinese)
  • 3.5 Edition (French)
  • 3.5 Edition (Portuguese)
  • 3.5 Edition (Spanish)

4th Edition

  • 4th Edition

5th Edition

  • 5th Edition ( OGL by Roll20 )
  • 5th Edition (Community Contributed)
  • 5th Edition (Community, Chinese)
  • 5th Edition (Scrolls)
  • 5th Edition (Shaped)

Advanced 1st Edition

  • Advanced 1st Edition

Advanced 2nd Edition

  • Advanced 2nd Edition
  • Advanced 2nd Edition (Simple Sheet)

Basic D&D (BECM)



  • Moldvay

Dungeons the Dragoning 40000 7th Edition


Earthdawn: 4th Edition

Eclipse (Spanish)

Eclipse Phase

End of the World



Stalker: SciFi Roleplaying Game

Fairy Tail


  • Fallout 2.0
  • Fallout 3.0
  • Fallout 3.5

Fantasy Craft


  • Achtung! Cthulhu
  • Diaspora
  • Dresden Files
  • Dresden Files Accelerated
  • Fate Acelerado (Portuguese/Brazilian)
  • Fate Basico (Portuguese/Brazilian)
  • Fate Jadepunk BR (Portuguese/Brazilian)
  • Fate: Accelerated Edition
  • Fate: Accelerated Edition (Korean)
  • Fate: Accelerated Edition (No approaches)
  • Fate: Accelerated Edition (Spanish)
  • Fate: Accelerated Edition Over-man Alliance (Korean)
  • Fate: Core Edition
  • Fate: Core Edition (Chinese)
  • Fate: Core Edition (French)
  • Fate: Core Edition (German)
  • Fate: Core Edition (With Sheet Rolls)
  • Fate: Freeport Edition
  • Jadepunk
  • Mindjammer
  • Nightshade Academy
  • Turbo Fate (German)

Feng Shui

  • Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui 2

Final Fantasy RPG: 3rd Edition


Flashing Blades

Fragged Empire

Friponnes (French)



  • Cyberpunk 2020
  • Fuzion
  • Hero Games: 6th Edition
  • Mekton Zeta



  • Night Black Agents
  • Trail of Cthulhu
  • Trail of Cthulhu (French)
  • Trail of Cthulhu (Spanish)


  • GURPS: Style #2

Gamma World: 7th Edition


  • Ghostbusters
  • Ghostbusters (Spanish)



HackMaster: 5th Edition

Halo Mythic


Harry Potter RPG

Haunted House (Spanish)


Hc Svnt Dracones


Hero Kids

Hero Quest



  • ICONS Assembled
  • ICONS Assembled (French)
       <option value='impulsedrive'>Impulse Drive
       <option value='insmv5efr'>In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas 5th Edition (French)
       <option value='infected'>Infected!
       <option value='ironkingdoms'>Iron Kingdoms
       <option value='ironclase'>Ironclaw
       <option value='bulletproofblues'>Bulletproof Blues
       <optgroup label='King Arthur Pendragon'>
         <option value='pendragon'>King Arthur Pendragon
         <option value='pendragonfrench'>King Arthur Pendragon (French)
       <option value='knightfr'>Knight (French)
       <option value='koboldsbaby'>Kobolds Ate My Baby
       <option value='kromore'>Kromore
       <option value='krystalfr'>Krystal (French)
       <option value='kult3e'>Kult: 3rd Edition
       <option value='labyrinthlord'>Labyrinth Lord
       <option value='lotfp'>Lamentations of the Flame Princess
       <option value='lamesducardinalfr'>Lames du Cardinal (French)
       <option value='naheulbeuk'>Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk (French)
       <option value='littlefearsnightmareed'>Little Fears Nightmare Edition
       <option value='lordsofgossamerandshadow'>Lords of Gossamer and Shadow
       <option value='lowfantasygaming'>Low Fantasy Gaming
       <option value='magus'>M.A.G.U.S. - Új Törvénykönyv (Hungarian)
       <option value='macchiatomonsters'>Macchiato Monsters
       <option value='maidrpg'>Maid the Role Playing Game
       <option value='marvelheroicroleplaying'>Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
       <option value='marvelsh'>Marvel Superheroes
       <optgroup label='Microlite20'>
         <option value='beacon'>Beacon
         <option value='microlite20'>Microlite20
         <option value='microluxe20'>Microluxe20
         <option value='spylite'>Spylite
       <option value='mistborn'>Mistborn Adventure Game
       <optgroup label='Mongoose Traveller'>
         <option value='mongoosetraveller'>Mongoose Traveller: 1st Edition
         <option value='mongoosetraveller2e'>Mongoose Traveller: 2nd Edition
       <option value='monsterschildishthings'>Monsters and Other Childish Things
       <option value='mordiou'>Mordiou ! (French)
       <option value='mutantyearzeroalt'>Mutant: Year Zero
       <option value='mandm3e'>Mutants and Masterminds: 3rd Edition
       <option value='myriadsong'>Myriad Song
       <option value='mysteryoftheabbey'>Mystery of the Abbey
       <option value='narrativesunlimitedd10'>Narratives Unlimited D10
       <option value='neonsolitude'>Neon Solitude
       <option value='ova'>OVA: The Anime RPG
       <option value='oltreefr'>Oltréé! (French)
       <option value='openlegend'>Open Legend
       <optgroup label='Palladium'>
         <option value='palladium'>Palladium Megaverse
         <option value='palladiumriftsnew'>Palladium Rifts
       <option value='paranoia'>Paranoia
       <optgroup label='Pathfinder'>
         <option value='pathfinderneceros'>Pathfinder
         <option value='pathfinderfrench'>Pathfinder (French)
         <option value='pathfinderde'>Pathfinder (German)
         <option value='pathfinderoldneceros'>Pathfinder (Legacy Layout)
         <option value='pathfindercazra'>Pathfinder (Simple)
         <option value='pathfindersp'>Pathfinder (Spanish)
       <optgroup label='Pokemon'>
         <option value='pokemonadventure'>Pokemon Tabletop Adventures
         <option value='ptu'>Pokemon Tabletop United
       <option value='polaris'>Polaris
       <option value='portesmonstrestresors'>Portes Monstres Tresors (French)
       <option value='prowlersandparagons'>Prowlers & Paragons
       <option value='psipunk'>Psi-Punk
       <option value='quarts'>Q.U.A.R.T.S.
       <option value='qinwarringstates'>Qin: Warring States
       <option value='radiance'>Radiance
       <option value='remnants'>Remnants
       <option value='cwrenaissance'>Renaissance
       <option value='revededragonfr'>Reve de Dragon (French)
       <option value='risus'>Risus Space Opera
       <optgroup label='Rolemaster'>
         <option value='rolemaster1e'>Rolemaster: 1st Edition
         <option value='rolemasterstandard'>Rolemaster: Standard System
       <option value='roleplayingismagic4e'>Roleplaying is Magic: 4th Edition
       <optgroup label='RuneQuest'>
         <option value='runequest3ed'>RuneQuest: 3rd Edition
         <option value='runequest6'>RuneQuest: 6th Edition
         <option value='runequest6fr'>RuneQuest: 6th Edition (French)
         <option value='runequest6es'>RuneQuest: 6th Edition (Spanish)
       <option value='ryuutama'>Ryuutama
       <option value='starmarxfr'>STAR Marx (French)
       <optgroup label='Savage Worlds'>
         <option value='deadlandsclassic'>Deadlands: Classic
         <option value='savageworlds'>Savage Worlds
         <option value='savagefr'>Savage Worlds (French)
         <option value='savageworldstwo'>Savage Worlds (Tabbed Layout)
         <option value='savageworldsfo'>Savage Worlds: Fallout
       <option value='serenity'>Serenity
       <option value='sotdl'>Shadow of the Demon Lord
       <optgroup label='Shadowrun'>
         <option value='shadowrun2e'>Shadowrun: 2nd Edition
         <option value='5eshadowrun'>Shadowrun: 5th Edition
         <option value='shadowrun5th'>Shadowrun: 5th Edition (Advanced)
         <option value='shadowrungerman'>Shadowrun: 5th Edition (German)
         <option value='shadowrunanarchy'>Shadowrun: Anarchy
       <option value='shadowssol'>Shadows Over Sol
       <option value='shadowsofesteren'>Shadows of Esteren
       <option value='silhouettecore'>Silhouette Core
       <option value='simplesystem'>Simple System
       <option value='spaceninjacybercrisis'>Space Ninja Cyber Crisis XDO
       <option value='spelltherpg'>Spell: the RPG
       <option value='spycraft'>Spycraft 2.0
       <option value='starfrontiers2'>Star Frontiers
       <optgroup label='Star Wars'>
         <option value='starwarseoteapi'>Star Wars: FFG (API-Compatible)
         <option value='sweotefr'>Star Wars: FFG (French)
         <option value='sweote'>Star Wars: FFG (Simple)
         <option value='starwarssaga'>Star Wars: Saga Edition
       <optgroup label='Stars Without Number'>
         <option value='otherdust'>Other Dust
         <option value='silentlegions'>Silent Legions
         <option value='starswithoutnumber'>Stars Without Number
       <optgroup label='Storytelling System'>
         <option value='aberrant'>Aberrant
         <option value='adventureww'>Adventure!
         <option value='cwodchangeling'>Changeling: The Dreaming (CWOD)
         <option value='nwodchangeling'>Changeling: The Lost (nWoD)
         <option value='officialnwod'>Chronicles of Darkness Official Sheet ( New World of Darkness )
         <option value='nwoddemon'>Demon: The Descent (nWoD)
         <option value='exalted2e'>Exalted: 2nd Edition
         <option value='exalted3e'>Exalted: 3rd Edition
         <option value='nwodhunter'>Hunter: The Vigil (nWoD)
         <option value='mage2e'>Mage: The Ascension (cWoD)
         <option value='cwodm20'>Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition (cWoD)
         <option value='nwodmage'>Mage: The Awakening (nWoD)
         <option value='scion'>Scion
         <option value='streetfighterstg'>Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game
         <option value='darkagesvampire'>Vampire: Dark Ages (cWoD)
         <option value='vampire2e'>Vampire: The Masquerade (cWoD)
         <option value='cwodv20'>Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition (cWoD)
         <option value='nwodvampire'>Vampire: The Requiem (nWoD)
         <option value='werewolf2e'>Werewolf: The Apocalypse (cWoD)
         <option value='cwodwerewolfv20'>Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition (cWoD)
         <option value='nwodwerewolf'>Werewolf: The Forsaken (nWoD)
         <option value='godmachine'>World of Darkness: The God Machine Chronicle (nWoD)
       <option value='straighttovhs'>Straight to VHS
       <option value='strike'>Strike!
       <option value='supersix'>Supersix (French)
       <option value='svavelvinter'>Svavelvinter
       <optgroup label='Swords & Wizardry'>
         <option value='swordsandwiz'>Swords & Wizardry
         <option value='swordsandwizsp'>Swords & Wizardry (Spanish)
         <option value='terraxfr'>Terra-X (French)
         <option value='whitelies'>White Lies
         <option value='whitestar'>White Star
       <option value='symbaroum'>Symbaroum
       <option value='talesfromtheloop'>Tales from the Loop
       <option value='taverntales'>Tavern Tales
       <option value='technoir'>Technoir
       <option value='tenrazero'>Tenra Bansho Zero
       <option value='tephra'>Tephra
       <optgroup label='The One Ring'>
         <option value='anneauunique'>Anneau Unique - The One Ring (French)
         <option value='theoneringde'>Der Eine Ring (German)
         <option value='theonering'>The One Ring
       <option value='rwbyunofficial'>The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop System
       <option value='thevoid'>The Void
       <option value='tigresvolants'>Tigres Volants
       <option value='toon'>Toon
       <option value='topsecret'>Top Secret
       <option value='torg'>Torg
       <option value='tormentarpg'>Tormenta (Portuguese)
       <option value='tristat'>Tri-Stat
       <option value='true20'>True20
       <option value='twilight2000'>Twilight 2000
       <optgroup label='Ubiquity'>
         <option value='hollowearthexpedition'>Hollow Earth Expedition
         <option value='leagueofadventuresfr'>Leagues of Adventure (French)
       <option value='allfleshmustbeeaten'>All Flesh Must Be Eaten
       <optgroup label='Unknown Armies'>
         <option value='unknownarmies'>Unknown Armies: 2nd Edition
         <option value='unknownarmies3e'>Unknown Armies: 3rd Edition
         <option value='unknownponies'>Unknown Ponies
       <option value='victoriana2e'>Victoriana 2nd Edition
       <optgroup label='Warhammer'>
         <option value='blackcrusade'>Black Crusade
         <option value='darkheresy'>Dark Heresy: 1st Edition
         <option value='darkheresy2e'>Dark Heresy: 2nd Edition
         <option value='darkheresy2eadvanced'>Dark Heresy: 2nd Edition (Advanced API)
         <option value='deathwatch'>Deathwatch
         <option value='onlywar'>Only War
         <option value='roguetrader'>Rogue Trader
         <option value='roguetraderfr'>Rogue Trader (French)
         <option value='warhammerfantasy2e'>Warhammer Fantasy: 2nd Edition
         <option value='warhammerfantasyv2fr'>Warhammer Fantasy: 2nd Edition (French)
         <option value='warhammerfantasy'>Warhammer Fantasy: 2nd Edition (Simple)
         <option value='wfrp3e'>Warhammer Fantasy: 3rd Edition
         <option value='wfrp3eFR'>Warhammer Fantasy: 3rd Edition (French)
       <option value='witchhunter2e'>Witch Hunter: 2nd Edition
       <option value='wurm'>Wurm, the Ice Age RPG
       <option value='yogsquest'>Yogsquest
       <option value='zweihandergap'>Zweihänder Grim & Perilous
       <optgroup label='d20 Modern'>
         <option value='narutod20modern'>Naruto
         <option value='d20modern'>d20 Modern