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(On an Existing Character)
(Currently Supported for:)
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==Currently Supported for:==
==Currently Supported for:==
* [[Charactermancer (D&D Fifth Edition)|D&D Fifth Edition]]
* [[Charactermancer (D&D Fifth Edition)|D&D Fifth Edition]]

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How to Access It

You can access the Charactermancer in two ways: on a new character or on an existing character.

The Charactermancer will be available when a character sheet with Charactermancer support is selected in Game Settings.

On a New Character

When you create or open a new character for the first time, click the Character Sheet tab.

You will automatically be directed to the Charactermancer. If you don't want to use the Charactermancer at that time, you can click the X icon in the upper right corner of the window, or the Cancel button.

On an Existing Character

From the Character Sheet tab, click the Gear icon to go to the character sheet settings. Scroll down to the big Launch Charactermancer button and click it. The Charactermancer will launch.

If you had already run the Charactermancer before and saved the character, your previous Charactermancer information will still be in the Charactermancer. If you had not run it before, you'll start at the Welcome slide.

Currently Supported for: