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D&D 5E by Roll20/Charactermancer

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Charactermancer (D&D Fifth Edition)

How to Use the Charactermnacer for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Charactermancer (5e OGL) is organized in slides which walk you through the step-by-step character creation process. However, you can skip around the process using the buttons at the top of the window:

Clicking any navigation button will save your progress.

The Back button takes you back to the last slide, according to the top bar. Note that this might not be the last slide you visited. 

The Next button takes you to the next slide in the top bar.

The Back to Top button scrolls to the top of the Charactermancer window. This is helpful if you are at the bottom of the window and want to quickly go to the top to navigate to another slide.

The Cancel button opens a dialog box to close the Charactermancer:

  • Discard and Exit: Discards all your Charactermancer choices and closes the Charactermancer window. When you relaunch Charactermancer, it will be as if you had never opened it.
  • Save and Exit: Saves your Charactermancer choices and closes the Charactermancer window. When you relaunch Charactermancer, it will be on the current slide.
  • Continue Charactermancer: Closes the cancel dialog box and returns you to Charactermancer.

If you close the Charactermancer window using the X in the top right corner of the window, the choices you had saved will still be there. However, if you close the Charactermancer window, any changes you made to the current slide will be lost.

The Apply Changes button only displays on the Review slide, and only if you have completed all required fields in all of the other Charactermancer slides. When you click it, all of your existing character sheet data will be deleted and the data from Charactermancer will overwrite it.

The Slides

Slide Content Required Fields
Welcome Welcome to the Charactermancer. Some information on how to use it.
Race Race and racial options for your character. Sub-race for your character. Race, Sub-race: If the race you select has a sub-race, such as High Elf for Elf, or Variant Human for Human, you must make a selection. Not all races have a sub-race option.
Class Class and class options for your character. Sub-race for your character. Class, Sub-class: If the class you select has a class option, such as Sorcerous Origin for Sorcerer, you must make a selection. Not all classes have a sub-class option at level 1.
Abilities Generate ability scores for your character. Ability Score Method: Select a method for generating your ability scores:
  • Standard Array: A standard set of ability scores you can assign to your stats.
  • Roll for Stats: Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest, then assign to your stats. Your roll will be sent to the chat window.
  • Point Buy: Spend 27 points using the point-buy method (higher level stats cost more).
  • Custom: Enter your stats individually. This is useful if your DM has a different dice roll method, or if you are transferring a character from a different character creation session.
  • Ability Scores: All of the individual scores are required.
Background Background and background options for your character. Background
Equipment Equipment selections based on class and background, or rolled starting gold. Equipment method: Class equipment or starting gold. If you choose to roll for starting gold, your roll will be sent to the chat window.
Spells Starting spells for your spellcasting character, based on spells known, or spell slots per day. If your Class has spellcasting, spells are required

If you change character class from one spellcaster to another, you will be prompted at the end to select spells again.

Feats Feat selection for your character. If your character has feats available, Feats are required.
Review Displays the selections you've made for your character, and includes warning for any missing required information. All required sections must be filled out elsewhere in the Charactermancer before the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the Charactermancer window will be available.

When you are done, navigate to the Review slide, read over your choices, and click Apply Changes.


The Charactermancer (5e OGL) has some known limitations and issues. For both, please see the Charactermancer (5e OGL) Bug Report Thread (LINK) in the forums, which has a Known Issues list and where you are encouraged to report any bugs you find when using the Charactermancer.