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Main Page: API:Script Index

Universal combat scripts assist in making combat flow more easily. This can mean anything from automatically handling initiative(t Turn Tracker), automating exchanges between combatants, or doing more comprehensive management. Scripts made for specific Game systems or Roll20 sheets are listed on D&D 5E & System_Specific

  • Group Initiative -- Adds the selected tokens to the turn order after rolling their initiative + configurable data.
  • TurnMarker1 -- provides a visual marker to show which token's turn it is & centers map on them.
  • CombatMaster(Forum) (by Victor B.) -- API for improving various aspects of combat. Automating condition duration in combat, Initiative improvement, and more.
  • autoButtons - automatically generate damage & healing buttons in chat after rolls are made, making it quick & easy to apply the damage & healing to other characters.
  • AddCustomTurn(Forum) (by Aaron)-- An easy way to add (and remove) custom turns which increment or decrement, and have auto delete features.
  • EncounterHelper -- Group tokens into encounters, making it easy to shown/hide/reset individual encounters on the same map, along with rolling initiative for them.
  • GitHubLogo.png -- A script to simplify Turn Order Management, and move it into chat.
  • Critical -- Quick method of determining the outcome of a critical hit.
  • Fumbler -- Quick method of determining the outcome of a fumble.
  • Initiative Tracker Plus -- Initiative and effect tracker with other features.
  • InitiativeMaster -- Standard, Group & Individual Initiative manager for Script:RoundMaster with many additional features
  • RoundMaster -- Generic Turn Order Tracker, Token status manager, and Effect macro system

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