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Generic Dice-Roll Macro

Cyberpunk (Cyberpunk 2nd-edition, 1991) has a very good character sheet in GitHub currently, with dice-rolls where you can select radio-buttons for all the modifiers to a roll.

However, if you need a generic dice-rolling macro that stands alone from the sheet, you can use the following simple macro.

All skill rolls take the form of adding a Stat (characteristic) value plus a Skill value and rolling an exploding d10, to equal or beat a stated Difficulty (example: average Difficulty is 15). A roll of 10 means add the 10 and roll again (which you might repeat for as long as you roll 10's, but this is not explicitly stated in the rules?). But if you roll a 1 (on the first roll) it is not only an automatic failure but there is a potential for a Fumble; roll 1d10 on the Fumble table for that Stat (on a roll of 1-4, nothing in particular happens, you just Fail).

/r 1d10! + ?{Stat?|0} + ?{Skill?|0} + ?{Modifier?|0}