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Cypher System-Monte Cooke Games

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WIP Documentation The Cypher System is the RPG system used in Monte Cook Games Numenera and The Strange. This wiki page will walk through how to setup a Roll20 campaign for this system


Creating a Campaign


Running a Purchased Module

Cypher System Character Sheets




The Strange


Rolling for Difficulty

Rolling for Difficulty in The Strange
When the GM gives a player a difficult rating for a given task, the player rolls directly from her character sheet. In both the Numenera and The Strange character sheets is a section with roll buttons for the Cypher System Difficulty Scale from Simple to Impossible.

If a user has 3D Dice activated in My Settings, a 3D d20 will roll across the Tabletop. Regardless if 3D Dice are used or not, the roll's result will be displayed in the Chat Tab.

Experience Points


A Walkthrough to Playing Roll20's The Strange's Marketplace Modules


The Play Space