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Cypher System-Monte Cooke Games

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WIP Documentation The Cypher System is the RPG system used in Monte Cook Games Numenera and The Strange. This wiki page will walk through how to setup a Roll20 campaign for this system


Creating a Campaign


Running a Purchased Module

Selecting Purchased Modules
If you've purchased a copy of [Name Placeholders]The Strange Rulebook, The Strange: The Dark Spiral, or The Strange Starter Pack from the Roll20 Marketplace, they will be listed on the right side of the Campaign Creation page. This is also where you can access and download the associated PDF rulebooks or adventure pack booklets that come with your purchase.

At default, the Blank Campaign will be selected. Simply click on the module you would like run to have that checked off instead. This auto selects the character sheet for you too. Create a name for your Campaign, add Tag keywords if you wish and then click on the I'm Ready, Create Campaign! button. Your chosen module will load up automatically.

Cypher System Character Sheets




The Strange


Rolling for Difficulty

Rolling for Difficulty in The Strange
When the GM gives a player a difficult rating for a given task, the player rolls directly from her character sheet. In both the Numenera and The Strange character sheets is a section with roll buttons for the Difficulty Scale that are listed sequentially from Simple to Impossible.

If a user has 3D Dice activated in My Settings, a 3D d20 will roll across the Tabletop. Regardless if 3D Dice are used or not, the roll's result will be displayed in the Chat Tab.

Experience Points


A Walkthrough to Playing Roll20's The Strange's Marketplace Modules


The Play Space