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Default Sheet Settings

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Character Sheets can store settings for all characters in the useroptions section of the sheet.json file. These settings can be updated easily in the Game Settings. An simple example of what can be done with these settings can be found in the Star Trek sheet.json file. More complex examples can be found in the D&D 5e by Roll20 sheet.json file, or the Pathfinder Official sheet.json.

Requirements include:

  • attribute - the name of the sheet variable set with this option
  • displayname - Title element of the selection
  • displaytranslationkey - i18n translation key for translation into other languages
  • type - HTML form element to be used in Game Settings Page. Options include select, radio, checkbox, text, number
  • options - If your form element has predefined options, the key/value pairs are listed here
  • optiontranslationkeys - i18n translation keys for the options
  • default - the default value of the attribute
  • description - a text string use to give further detail about the option and the changes it controls
  • descriptiontranslationkey - i18n translation keys used for the description