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DnDNext Character Sheet

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The DnD Next character sheet was created by John Myles (@Actoba) and is a reworked concept of the original sheet developed by David L. Hawkins (@The Story Teller) & Aaron C. Meadows.

The sheet is designed to be a functional and useful tool for DnD Next players on Roll20 regardless of their subscription level. This wiki page should highlight each of the sections of the sheet and demonstrate how to get the best out of each of them. All of the screenshots on this page have been taken from a character sheet filled out with all the details (with one exception) from the level 1 Human Cleric pregen that came with the final October 2014 playtest packet so you should be able to review that whilst looking through this page.

Core Stats and Skills Section

Screenshot of Core Stats section

When you first open the character sheet you should see the entire core stats and skills section without having to scroll. It contains all the stats you will ever need to look up at a glance.


The top header section provides some simple text boxes for you to enter things like your character name, race, class and so on. It is important to set your overall level in this section as this is used by the sheet to calculate your proficiency bonus a little lower down. So for example if you were a Mage 5 / Fighter 2 you would set your level here as 7.

HP and other stats

The next section shows your current and maximum HP as well as allowing you to enter your current AC and speed. The sheet automatically calculates your proficiency bonus from your overall level in the header section and used this at various points throughout the sheet.

Here, you are also able to add any initiative bonuses you may be getting (such as the +5 if you have taken the Alert feat). There is no need to add your DEX modifier in here, only any other bonuses you may have. Also note that in order for the initiative button to function properly you must have your character token selected. This is the only button on the sheet that has this requirement.

Core Stats

Next up is your 6 core stats. Simply enter your stat score in the left column and check the boxes next to the stats you have saving throw proficiency for (normally from your class). The two macro buttons provide saving throws and basic (unskilled) ability checks for the 6 core stats. in all cases, your modifiers are auto calculated.

Hit Dice and Class Resources

For this section click on the add button to add details about what hit dice you have. If you are not multiclassing you will only ever need 1 row added here. If you are multiclassing however you should add a row for each class you have levels in and track each of those classes hit die seperately. The macro button allows you to use 1 of the hit dice during a rest and will automatically add your constitution modifier.

The Class resources section simply allows you to track any kind of class specific resource pool. For the cleric in this example he has added a single row to track his channel divinity uses for the day (even though he doesnt get any till level 2). You could equally use this to track a monks Ki points, a paladins Lay on Hands healing pool, a fighters superiority dice, etc.... Just add a row for each resource you want to track

Skill section

Finally, the skills section lists each skill in the game beneath the stat it is associated with. The checkboxes next to each skill should be checked when your character has proficiency and/or has expertise (mostly just rogues). This will apply the correct bonuses to the "Check" macro buttons to the right of each skill. Again, these Check buttons add the relevant stat mod, and optionally the proficiency bonus and expertise bonus if you have these boxes checked.

Action Section

Screenshot of Action section

Racial, Class, and Roleplaying Section

Screenshot of Racial/Class/RP section

Spell Section

Screenshot of Spell section

Inventory Section

Screenshot of Inventory section