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Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

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This page is about playing Version 3.5 of D&D on Roll20.


Macros and Attributes

Macros and attributes are best used when the time reduction of using the macro is greater then the time to make macro, or set up and apply the attribute. for example, setting up a macro to roll 1d20 /r d20 is not an efficient use of a macro, but rolling 3 attacks and adding the modifier after it might be worth attributes for the modifiers and a macro for the entire process.

Also, when you use attributes, remember that the computer just replaces the call command with the "value" it represents. This value doesn't have to a number. For example, you could have an attribute that places something after the rest of the chain and fill this macro with the weapon you are currently using and the name of that weapon would appear where that attribute is. this substitution happens first in the chain of events, so you could even put something like 1d6+5 in an attribute at the end of a damage roll and it would roll the d6 and add both the d6 roll and the 5 to the result you would have otherwise received.

Finally, some dm's find it useful to set up a macro in advance with text they know they are going to need and use the text "draw" command to write the call command for that text where it will be needed.


Some common/recommended uses of macros/attributes when playing D&D 3.5 on Roll20 are: (feel free to add any not included using existing as a guide)


AllPlayers put their save value in an attribute on the corresponding character page then the DM and/or Player (depending on style of play) makes a macro that rolls the save

ex: A macro for rolling the Fort save of 4 players /r 1d20+@{PC 1|Fort}} PC1

/r 1d20+@{PC 2|Fort}} PC2

/r 1d20+@{PC 3|Fort}} PC3

/r 1d20+@{PC 4|Fort}} PC4

Attacks/attack sequences

Attributes are made to add the various values used by the attack(s) in question for both attack rolls and damage. Then a Macro(s) is written to use these values to do all the math and rolling and and the values together.

ex: attacking with a two handed weapon twice using a full attack. If Str (strength) is odd, then the .5 at the end of the damage is ignored

/me attacks twice with @{weapon}

/r d20+@{str}+@{enchantment}+@{attack temporary} attack 1

/r @{damage}+@{str}*1.5+@{enchantment}+@{damage temporary} damage 1

/r d20+@{str}+@{enchantment}+@{attack temporary} attack 2

/r @{damage}+@{str}*1.5+@{enchantment}+@{damage temporary} damage 2

Characters and tokens

While each group is different on what they do for characters and tokens, A few things are standard.