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Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

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This page is about playing Version 4.0 of D&D on Roll20.



The 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons (hereafter referred to as 4e) is perfectly suited to being run on Roll20. With the emphasis of tactical combats and simple dice mechanics 4e is very easily adapted to playing on a virtual tabletop.

Macros and Attributes

The structure of rolls in 4e is very formulaic, which makes setting up a character's attributes and macros very simple. Below is a sample set of Attributes that can be used:


For Bars:

  • Hit Points (26)
  • Healing Surges (4)
  • Action Points (0)

For Macros:

  • STR_MOD (2)
  • DEX_MOD (4)
  • CON_MOD (0)
  • INT_MOD (2)
  • WIS_MOD (2)
  • CHA_MOD (3)
  • Enhancement
  • Half_Level
  • Weapon_Proficiency (5)
  • Implement (Enchantment bonus of character's Implement)
  • Ranged_Proficiency (3) (Proficiency bonus of character's ranged weapon)

Sample Macros

The following Macros utilize the above attributes.

Melee Basic Attack
Macro name: "mba"
Invoked using: #mba
Macro Contents:
/roll 1d20 + @STR_MOD + @Weapon_Proficiency + @Half_Level + @Enhancement vs AC
/roll 1d8 + @STR_MOD + @Enhancement damage