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Five Torches Deep

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Revision as of 12:37, 26 November 2020 by Pantoufle (Talk | contribs)

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Five Torches Deep : Character Sheet Guide

This is a guide on how to use the Five Torches Deep character sheet on Roll20. This sheet was created with the agreement of the game author. The art used in the sheet are from the game book (artists : Sebastian Rodriguez and Per Folmer)


Config Tab

PC Tab


Upgrades : To-do list

This is on my to-do list and you might expect to see these in futur updates !

  • Add action button on the spellslots (to use as a marker for when you have failed a check for that spelllevel)
  • Add those buttons (or more likely a reminder) in the minisheet to display in the chat which spelllevels you have access
  • [Maybe]add NPC initiative (not sure about that since it's a normal/weak/strong/custom check... the only value is to have &{tracker}...)
  • Add a way to use custom techniques for monsters
  • Add some options to import things from 5e compendium (weapons, monsters...)
  • [Maybe] change checkboxes to radio buttons for styles in the config tab
  • [Maybe]Add an input to track money
  • Add a GM sheet (rubikscube, timekeeping and things like that)