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Forum Voting

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Some places on the Roll20 Community Forums use a voting system to help organize and measure support for topics. Each community member is given a limited number of votes based on their subscription level on the site, and they can use those votes to add their support to an existing topic, or to create a new topic of their own.


How many votes will I get?

The number of votes you receive is based on your subscription level and how long you've been with the site.

Mentors receive 10 votes

Supporters receive 5 votes

In addition to the above, you receive 1 vote for each year you've been registered as a user with Roll20.

For example, a Supporter who has been using Roll20 for two years would receive 7 votes. A Base (Free) user who has been on the site for a year will get one vote. A Base (Free) user who has just joined will not receive any votes.

How do I add my support to an idea?

There is a grey "up arrow" next to the topic name in the forum listing. Just click that arrow to "upvote" the idea. Likewise, click the green arrow for a suggestion you have already voted for, and it will remove your vote so you can place your support behind a different idea.

How do I submit a new idea?

Just post a New Topic in the forum as usual. Note that this will use one of your votes. If you later remove your vote from your suggestion, and the suggestion falls to a score of 0, then that suggestion will be automatically removed from the list. So at least one person has to support an idea for it to appear.

How are the ideas sorted?

Strictly by score. The higher the score of a vote, the higher it appears in the listing, even if its an old idea.

Does this mean you'll finally implement <Feature I Really Want> since it has the most votes?!

Unfortunately, no. However, we will endeavor to either implement the top features, or if we can't implement them for some reason, we'll give an explanation as to why that is, and if possible provide a timeline for when it might be implemented in the future. But at the end of the day, we're always balancing the wants and desires of the community as a whole with our own internal metrics and vision for what Roll20 should be, and as such we won't just be going down the list one-by-one and implementing each top feature. But you can rest assured if a feature is at the top of the list, we're definitely listening and considering it strongly for inclusion.