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Game Masters , or GM for short, are the ones who can control basically any aspect of a Campaign. The Creator of a game have some unique options only they can access, that can't be given directly to other GMs in a game.

Players have much more limited options on what they can do.

A GM can promote a Player to GM on the Game Settings-page.

If the Creator of the game is a Plus or Pro user, the other GM of the games get access to all these features in-game.

Older Guide: Getting Started GMs


Some GM-only features can be indirectly be granted to players through using different APIs, such as:

  • emas -- Provides player !emas and !as commands.(emote as)
  • Roll20 Audio Master -- API commands to manage the u Jukebox
  • MapChange -- has option to allow players to control what page they see
  • (don't remember name) -- allows the player to create new character sheets for themselves

There are also API that can limit players more that normal:

  • DryErase – An API that can stop players from drawing on the map, deleting any drawing instantly.
  • TokenLock – Allows GMs to selectively lock the movement of Player Tokens.


The Creator of a game has a few things exclusively available to them, which other people promoted to GMs can't do.

This is mostly related to General & Default settings that are accessed in the menus outside the game: Game Management

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