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* [ Hero Portrait Creator]
* [ Hero Portrait Creator]
* [ Token Creator] -  by
* [ Token Creator] -  by
* [ Token Stamp 2] - online token creator
* [ 2 Minute Token Editor]
* [ 2 Minute Token Editor]

Latest revision as of 06:44, 20 January 2020

Here are a few resources you can use for a variety of game systems. This list is not comprehensive. See What Sort of Games Are There To Play? for an introduction to tabletop rpgs and different genres.


[edit] Art Libraries

[edit] Graphics Tools

Useful graphics tools to create maps, tokens and portraits for your games. See also: Useful links for mapping

  • GIMP - opensource 2d graphics software(alternative to Photoshop)
  • Blender - opensource 3d graphics software

[edit] Mapmaking

[edit] Tokens/Portraits

[edit] Sounds

There are also SoundPads which are mixing-boards of ambience sounds and music, which can be Broadcast to your players (independently of Roll20).

[edit] Gaming Systems by Genre

This is an incomplete display of different game systems, and links to obtain their rules or rulebooks online.

[edit] Fantasy

[edit] Superhero

[edit] Modern / Spy / Military

[edit] Sci-Fi

[edit] Horror

[edit] Generic or Multi-genre

[edit] Rules-light

[edit] System Specific Tools

[edit] D&D

[edit] D&D 3.5e

[edit] D&D 4E

[edit] D&D 5E

[edit] Pathfinder

[edit] Traveller 5th-edition

[edit] Star Wars

[edit] Star Wars D6

[edit] Books

[edit] Game Master articles

[edit] Youtube Channels

[edit] See Also