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Game Settings Page

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Getting to the Game Settings Page

When looking at the Campaign Details page of one of your games, underneath the game's title is a button labeled n Settings n (it's the one directly right of the n Content n button).

Clicking on this button pulls a drop-down menu and the very first option on the list is "Game Settings". Clicking this option will open that game's Game Settings page.

Available Game Settings

Some of the following options are only available to Roll20 Subscribers. Listed here are ALL of the potential setting options available on the Game Settings Page

Public Access

This option is only available to Plus and Pro subscribers. This setting called "Allow public access to this game?" is a Yes/No toggle. If enabled, anyone who views the game's Campaign Details Page can view any public journal entries (those with their permissions set to "All Players" in-game) from the n Content n on the Campaign Details Page. Any visitor to the Campaign Details page can also read the game's chat archive, as well as read and post on the Campaign forum. This Setting is disabled at default.

Game Background Image

This option is only available to Plus and Pro subscribers. Roll20 offers a couple of backgrounds that you can add to your game's Details Page as well as your Looking for Group listing (should you choose to list it). At default, no background is chosen, but you can choose between Magic, Matrix, and Field backgrounds by clicking on the radio button under each option.

All of the available background options are animated! If you hover your mouse over the thumbnails of the backgrounds, you can preview the animation. Only Pro subscribers have access to animated backgrounds. Plus subscribers will have a static image display of their chosen background.

Character Vault Options

This setting enables or disables whether a player can export their character(s) from their Character Vault into your game.

The Character Vault, which you can find under the Tools site menu, is a feature where players can store their character journal (including character sheet, if available) from any of the games they are currently in for safe keeping. Importing your character to the Character Vault is available to all account tiers.

Exporting a character into a game requires either the player in question to be a paid subscriber (Plus or Pro tier) OR the game creator is a subscriber. In the latter case, export access is available to all players in the game regardless of tier level.

The vault access for the current game is listed underneath the setting option for clarity.

Game Default Settings

Lots of Stuff

Access Compendium In-Game

You can integrate one of the Roll20 OGL Compendiums into your game so that you and your players can look up rules while you play or are filling out character sheets. "Determined by Character Sheet (Default)" is what is set at default. If your game is using a character sheet template that links to a Compendium, the game will automatically choose that Compendium to include in your game. For instance, the "5th Edition ( OGL by Roll20)" character sheet template links to the "5th Edition" OGL Compendium. If you're running a game without a sheet and wish to have a Compendium available, you'll want to use the drop-down menu here to manually select the desired Compendium you want to use in-game.

Character Sheet Template