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Guide to GitHub Command Line

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Guide to GitHub Command Line

This guide is intended to teach Git/GitHub trough the Git command line tool, as it's the preferred method by many, and the method I know best. If you prefer to try the Github Desktop Client, we have a guide for it as well.

Main points of this guide will show how to:

  • use the most important Git commands, and explain what they do
  • submit a new character sheet, or make change-suggestions to existing sheets
  • keeping your files up to date
  • basic troubleshooting

Why Git command line?

Git command line have more guides & documentation( than the GitHub Desktop/Browser) to help use it. Using the command line also have the advantage of having easier time troubleshooting when you can more clearly know what steps you took and can see what messages the command line gives back, making web searches about any problems more easy.