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How to Access Marketplace Content

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The Roll20 Marketplace has changed a great deal since we first launched 2012. Where we initially only sold only art packs for maps and tokens and while we still do, we now also sell whole Modules, Compendium Expansions, and Game Addons. Since the variety of content on a Marketplace has increased, so to with how these purchasable items are accessed on our site. This wiki page will explain how to access all the content that you can purchase on the Marketplace.


Token, Portrait, and Map Artist Packs


Compendium Expansions


Marketplace F.A.Q.

I purchased a product on the Marketplace. When I go back to its MP listing, I can still purchase it a second time. Is this a Bug?

A feature we added in 2016 was Marketplace Gifting. Now a player can buy their GM products on the Marketplace or vice versa. If you have purchased an item on the Marketplace, the purchase button remains on the listing in the off chance you want to buy it for someone else. When you go to the Purchase Window, the radio button to select "Myself" will be disabled, so you will not run the risk of buying the product more than once for yourself.

My players gifted me with Account Credit. Why can't I use this to buy Marketplace items?

That gifted credit is actually Subscription Credit to go towards your Roll20 subscription renewal. If a player wants to gift you with Marketplace content, they will need to purchase it in full from the Marketplace listing instead.

I want to gift my GM something from the Marketplace. Can I do that?

Yes! Go through the motions of finding the item listing and clicking the Purchase button. When on the Purchase Window, instead of selecting the "Myself" radio button for the purchase recipient, choose either "A Recent Player" (this will bring up a list of users you've recently played with) or "By Email". Then either select your GM from the user list or supply their email. Follow through with payment information as required and once payment is submitted and processed, both you and your gift recipient will be given an email receipt for the purchase.