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Kobolds Ate My Baby Character Sheet

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Kobolds Ate My Baby Character Sheet.png

The Kobolds Ate My Baby (Super Deluxx Edition ) character sheet was created by Wes, inspired by the Kobolds Ate My Baby Super Deluxx Edition Reference PDF from 9th Level Games. It was modified to fit the constraints of the web application, as well as adding some of the trademark Orange and Blue that the game creators Chris O’Neill and Dan Landis have used throughout the games history. Additionally roll buttons have been included for rolls on the character creation and circumstances tables.



  1. Why are some Skills, +Edges and -Bogies already checked?
    • These are skills that every kobold knows, or +edges / -bogies that every kobold starts with.
  2. I was excited and clicked on the Kobold Horrible Death Record, how do I reset it to "None"?
    • Click on the words “Kobold Horrible Death Record”, they are connected to the almost invisible check box for None or (Zero “0”) Horrible Death Marks.
  3. Why is there a Pop-Up for “Difficulty?” when I click on an Ability Button or Item Button?
    • It is part of the macro in the sheet roll template, that assigns a number of dice for the output to tell you whether or not it was a failure or a success.
  4. Can I change the Friendly Orange color of the Template Output in the Chat panel?
    • At this time, no. Perhaps in the future, it can be revised so that you can.
  5. How can I send you feedback, suggestions, or report a bug/error?
    • You have a couple of options Send me: Wes a PM on roll 20, or file an issues report on Github under the forked repository: Here. I will try to respond as quickly as possible but times may vary.

The Character Sheet

The character sheet is formatted in several sections.

  1. The BEER attributes: Brawn, Ego, Extraneous, and Reflexes, side by side with their counterparts Meat, Cunning, Luck, and Agility.
  2. The Skills section.
  3. The +Edges and -Bogies section.
  4. The Character details section.
  5. The Important Stuff: What’s in your paws, your Move, Armour, and Hits.
  6. The Kobold Horrible Death Record.
  7. The Inventory space Section.
  8. The Kobold Random Rolling Buttons.


Brawn and Meat; Ego and Cunning; Extraneous and Luck; Reflexes and Agility; are all recorded in this section.


All available skills are in this section. Some are denoted with an ! or * these are (! Dangerous Skills) and (* Everykobold Skills).

+Edges and -Bogies

Some of these are denoted with and * as they are (* Everykobold) +Edges and -Bogies.

Character Details

Character Name, VP an abbreviation for Victory Points or experience, and Outfits are all recorded in this section.

The Important Stuff

What’s in your paws, your Move, Armour, and Hits are all recorded in this section.
Note 1: The Armour listed here is using the same attribute as the Armour in the Inventory Space section, if you change one the other will change as well.
Note 2: Neither the Armour or Hits have a maximum field showing on the sheet, you can add them in the Attributes & Abilities Tab of the Character Journal, or if you have a Token linked to the character sheet and you input them on the associated bars of the Token it will add them to the character sheet.

Kobold Horrible Death Record

Earn a check, Mark it on your sheet! If you need to reset the check marks to 0 you can click on the words “Kobold Horrible Death Record”, they are linked to the almost invisible checkbox for 0 check marks.

Inventory Space

Each item has a Select Menu for which Attribute you want to use it with. This is automatically set to Brawn. It will report the Selected Attribute’s value in the roll template output into the chat panel.
If your Kobold can cast a spell there is a space for that. The description text area can contain “Hard Returns” and text markdown such as **BOLD**, *ITALIC*.

Kobold Random Rolling Buttons

Included in this section are, a general (Roll ?d6) button to roll "x" amount of d6s as well as roll buttons for the basic tables for creating a Kobold including: +Edges, -Bogies, Armour, Gear, Weapon, Adventurer's Cast-Offs, Booze, Magick™ Spell, Kobold Horrible Death, Baby Horrible Death, Kobold Outside Horrible Death, Barracks Gear, Armory Gear, Black Market Gear, and the Random Chart of Randomness™.

Advanced Usage

When used in macros, you will need to include the Character's name in the Attribute call, ie @{character_name|Hits|max}. Alternatively you can create your macros using the @{target|Hits|max} or @{selected|Hits|max} options.


All input fields have a title that will show up when you mouse over that field.

  • Name: @{character_name}
  • VP: @{VP}
  • Outfit: @{Outfit}
  • Left Paw: @{Left_Paw}
  • Right Paw: @{Right_Paw}
  • Move: @{Move}
  • Armour: @{Armour} (Note: The Inventory Space for Armour uses the same Attribute.)
  • Hits: @{Hits}
  • Kobold Horrible Death Record: @{Horrible_Death}


  • Brawn: @{Brawn}
  • Ego: @{Ego}
  • Extraneous: @{Extraneous}
  • Reflexes: @{Reflexes}
  • Meat: @{Meat}
  • Cunning: @{Cunning}
  • Luck: @{Luck}
  • Agility: @{Agility}

Inventory Space

  • Armour Type: @{Armour_Type}
  • Hits: @{Armour}
  • Special: @{Armour_Special}
  • Note: @{Armour_Note}
  • Item 1 Name: @{Item_1}
  • Stat: @{Stat_Item_1}
  • Damage: @{Item_1_Damage}
  • Special: @{Item_1_Special}
  • Notes: @{Item_1_Note}
  • Item 2 Name: @{Item_2}
  • Stat: @{Stat_Item_2}
  • Damage: @{Item_2_Damage}
  • Special: @{Item_2_Special}
  • Notes: @{Item_2_Note}
  • Item 3 Name: @{Item_3}
  • Stat: @{Stat_Item_3}
  • Damage: @{Item_3_Damage}
  • Special: @{Item_3_Special}
  • Notes: @{Item_3_Note}
  • Spell Name: @{Spell}
  • Component: @{Spell_Component}
  • Description: @{Spell_Description}

Roll Template

KAMB Template Output.png

The template for the Kobolds Ate My Baby sheet is named &{template:KAMB}

The first 2 lines of the template will show in the header section of the output: {{name=}} and {{subheader=}}

You can build your own template macros using any {{propertyname=}} for as many as you need. For Example:
&{template:KAMB} {{name=@{character_name} }} {{subheader=This Kobold Says }} {{I Like= to Test Templates! }} {{Hmmm...= Guess It Worked!}} }}

The roll buttons in the sheet use the following {{Properties}} which include logic for failures and successes as well as random table rolls.

  • {{name= @{character_name} }}
  • {{subheader= }}
  • {{difficulty= }}
  • {{roll= }}
  • {{success= }}
  • {{damage= }}
  • {{fail= }}
  • {{randomroll= }}
  • {{random1= }}
  • {{random2= }}
  • {{random3= }}
  • {{random4= }}
  • {{random5= }}
  • {{random6= }}
  • {{random7= }}
  • {{random8= }}
  • {{random9= }}
  • {{random10= }}
  • {{random11= }}
  • {{random12= }}

Then any {{propertyname= }} that a player adds.

An Ability Check Roll uses this template macro: &{template:KAMB} {{name=@{character_name} }} {{subheader=Rolling Brawn (@{Brawn}) }} {{success=[[@{Brawn}+1]] }} {{fail=[[@{Brawn}]] }} {{difficulty=Difficulty:[[?{Difficulty|0}]] }} {{roll=Roll:[[?{Difficulty|0}d6]] }} }}

Using an Item Roll uses this template macro: &{template:KAMB} {{name=@{character_name} }} {{subheader=Uses @{Item_1} (@{Stat_Item_1}) }} {{success=[[@{Stat_Item_1}+1]] }} {{fail=[[@{Stat_Item_1}]] }} {{difficulty=Difficulty:[[?{Difficulty|0}]] }} {{roll=Roll:[[?{Difficulty|0}d6]] }} {{damage=Damage:[[@{Item_1_Damage}]] }} }}

Change Log

The version number on the bottom of the character sheet will show what is Live on the Roll20 site.
July 6, 2015 Pull Request #911

  • (version 0.2)
  • Added Link to This Wiki

June 29, 2015 Pull Request #909

  • (version 0.1)
  • Initial Commit of Character Sheet