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Roll20 Mobile is an upcoming Andorid/iOS app for Roll20, Which was announced during Roll20Con 2020.

The App is still in early development, and subject to change.(Oct.24th 2020)

Roll20 Announcements Panel Wrap-UpRoll20 Blog, Oct. 24th:

"And, of course, we showed off some of the in-progress work on Roll20 Mobile, an upcoming companion app for Android and iPhone from Roll20. We’re currently working on Character Sheet integration and mobile dice rolls that go straight from the app to the VTT. We’re in the internal testing stages, with a closed beta coming soon and a more open beta after that. We’re very excited about the future of Roll20 Mobile, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve cooked up. We’ll have more news on it soon."
Teaser Trailer for the Mobile app


The Mobile app Beta will launch with an focus on streamlining gameplay for D&D 5E, with a mobile-adapted-character sheet, and the ability to make rolls directly to the game.

In early 2020, on one of the Community Roundtables(Jan, Feb or March?) it was first mentioned by Roll20 that they where working on a new mobile app, but at the time described features that where intended for the first release was considerably different from what was announced During Roll20Con 2020.


The app will soon start with an invite Beta phase, and eventually go to an Open beta. (October 25th. 2020)

Old Mobile App

Roll20 had an previous mobile app (Android/iOS) that had a mixed track record, which was discontinued and removed from the app stores during the Spring 2020.