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Roll20 Mobile is an Android/iOS companion app for Roll20, which was announced during Roll20Con 2020. It's currently in Beta for Pro users, but it's intended to eventually be free for everyone.
Teaser Trailer for the Mobile app



Screenshot of the D&D 5E by Roll20 sheet in the mobile app (Open Beta, March 2021)


The Mobile App is intended to be a companion app to Roll20, having parts of the platform easily accessible on your phone.

The Beta for Pro users was launched March 18th, with a focus on streamlining gameplay for D&D 5E, with a mobile-adapted-character sheet, and the ability to make some of the core rolls like Attribute Checks, Saves, Initiative & Skill rolls directly from the app.

Next it's intended to add options for rolling attacks, spells and other things for the 5E sheet, along with general testing.

This is intended to be extended to other character sheets eventually. It's said that the Beta will eventually expand to Plus & Free users later.


The first Closed Beta testers got access to the app in Late December 2020/Early January 2021. Participants where required to sign a NDA.

On Jan 28th, Roll20 tweeted about the Closed Beta being underway, and that the Open Beta would be available "soon". tweet

Beta became available to all Pro user on March 18th. it's available at

Mobile Beta - Reporting a Bug
Mobile Beta - Access the Product Portal


In early 2020, on one of the Community Roundtables(Jan, Feb or March?) it was first mentioned by Roll20 that they were working on a new mobile app, but at the time described features that were intended for the first release, were considerably different from what was announced During Roll20Con 2020.

The development of the app was de-prioritized in favor of focusing on general infrastructure and stability upgrades, when the massive increase of users started due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During Roll20Con 2021, a teaser trailer for the app was released, along with a blogpost Oct. 24th(Blog):
screenshot from Oct.24th 2020 teaser trailer)

"And, of course, we showed off some of the in-progress work on Roll20 Mobile, an upcoming companion app for Android and iPhone from Roll20. We’re currently working on Character Sheet integration and mobile dice rolls that go straight from the app to the VTT. We’re in the internal testing stages, with a closed beta coming soon and a more open beta after that. We’re very excited about the future of Roll20 Mobile, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve cooked up. We’ll have more news on it soon."

In December 2020, the Closed Beta got started.

In March 2021, the Beta became available to all Pro users. Same month Roll20 also released the Character Sheet Enhancement-update, which made it possible for all sheet creators to more easily make their own sheets mobile-friendly.

Character Sheet Development

BCS/Mobile is the main page for Character Sheet development aimed at Roll20 mobile app.

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Old Mobile App

Roll20 had an previous mobile app (Android/iOS) that had a mixed track record, which was discontinued and removed from the app stores during the Spring 2020.

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