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==Account Type & Subscription==
==Account Type & Subscription==
If you have {{Plus}}/[[Pro}} subscription active, lists features for your subscription level.
If you have {{Plus}}/{{Pro}} subscription active, lists features for your subscription level.
Links to:
Links to:

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My Account contains settings for your Roll20 account


My Account


Your name, email address, and your display name that's shown on your profile and when you post on the forums.


  • Language - Sets which language the Roll20 site and games are viewed with. If the character sheet used in your game have been translated to your language, it will be show with this language. You can't change language on a game-by-game basis, so you need to change it here. Roll20 is available fully or partially in 19 language, of which much is community translated. See CrowdIn for how to contribute translations to character sheets or the site itself.
  • Email how of then you get email from Roll20

Account Type & Subscription

If you have
info subscription active, lists features for your subscription level.

Links to:

Shows Your Subscription Credit, if you have any. (Can only be used for subscription, not to by marketplace-content. See Gifting for more details)

Show how much of your Storage Quota you have used up(how much images, gifs & audio files you uploaded to P Art Library take).

If you by some mean go over your Storage Quota, you'll only be prevented from uploading any new content until you have free space. Nothing gets deleted or inaccessible by exceeding you Quota.

Deactivate Account - link to permanently delete your account.


Here you can change the image used for your profile.

By default, roll20 generate a individual image pattern( with a color) for each account, if you don't have a Gravatar profile for the same email you signed yup for, in which case Roll20 will use that image instead.

Roll20 Account Sync

Settings & instructions for linking/syncing your Roll20 accounts with other services. As of May 2021, the only option available is to link to your Pazio account to get discounts/unlock content.


Change your password.

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