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My Settings

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The My Settings tab,the last button on the Sidebar, allows players and GM to control several important functions in Roll20. Note that most of these options (with the exception of the Decks) are specific to each Player rather than the Campaign, so your Players can set different options than you to match their own preferences.

First, it allows you to access your Macros and enable the macro quick bar.

Next, as a GM, it allows you to add and edit Card Decks.

It also allows you to adjust personal settings, including:

  • Your out-of-character “real” displayed name.
  • Your Master Volume, which controls how loudly you hear music playing from the Jukebox, among other things.
  • Your Video and Voice options

Finally, as a GM, this screen allows you to exit and re-join your game as a player, useful for previewing your Campaign from a player's perspective.