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Pathfinder Macros

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Revision as of 17:27, 26 March 2018 by Andreas J. (Talk | contribs)

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This is intended to be a place to collect a rather comprehensive list of macros generically useful to players and GMs of the Pathfinder RPG (with appropriate character sheet) in such a way that each macro has it's own heading and thus can be hyperlinked from elsewhere (i.e. you can add a new macro and advertize it in the forum by posting the link). These Macros are either meant to be used as-is, or explain how to make them functional above (i.e. if you need to change anything before use).

For advice on crafting your own comprehensive macros and for examples see here.

This is a collaborative work with several contributors. Styles and methods will varry

Useful for both players and GMs

(In future versions of this page, there will be separate sections for things more useful to players and things only useful to GMs).

All Skills Macro

The macro could be called Skills, and pasted as is addition to the "Abilities" section of the character sheet. I recommend showing as token action, so the right token is already selected when you run it, like this: [1]

&{template:pf_generic} {{character_name=@{selected|character_name}}} {{name=Skill Check}} {{?{Choose a Skill(* training not required)| 
*Acrobatics (+@{selected|Acrobatics}), [Acrobatics]( =[[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Acrobatics} ]] ]] | 
*Appraise (+@{selected|Appraise}),[Appraise]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Appraise} ]] ]] | 
*Artistry (+@{selected|Artistry}), [Artistry]( @{selected|Artistry-name}=[[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Artistry} ]] ]] | 
*Bluff (+@{selected|Bluff}), [Bluff]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Bluff} ]] ]] | 
*Climb (+@{selected|Climb}), [Climb]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Climb} ]] ]] | 
*Craft  @{selected|Craft-name} (+@{selected|Craft}), [Craft]( @{selected|Craft-name}=[[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Craft} ]] ]] | 
*Diplomacy (+@{selected|Diplomacy}), [Diplomacy]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Diplomacy} ]] ]] | 
Disable Device (+@{selected|Disable-Device}), [Disable Device]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Disable-Device} ]] ]] | 
*Disguise (+@{selected|Disguise}), [Disguise]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Disguise} ]] ]] | 
*Escape Artist (+@{selected|Escape-Artist}), [Escape Artist]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Escape-Artist} ]] ]] | 
*Fly (+@{selected|Fly}), [Fly]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Fly} ]] ]] |  
Handle Animal (+@{selected|Handle-Animal}), [Handle Animal]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Handle-Animal} ]] ]] | 
*Heal (+@{selected|Heal}), [Heal]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Heal} ]] ]] | 
*Intimidate (+@{selected|Intimidate}), [Intimidate]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Intimidate} ]] ]] |  
Knowledge Arcana (+@{selected|Knowledge-Arcana}), Knowledge Arcana[Acrobatics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Knowledge-Arcana} ]] ]] |  
Knowledge Dungeoneering (+@{selected|Knowledge-Dungeoneering}), Knowledge Dungeoneering[Acrobatics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Knowledge-Dungeoneering} ]] ]] |  
Knowledge Engineering (+@{selected|Knowledge-Engineering}), Knowledge Engineering[Acrobatics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Knowledge-Engineering} ]] ]] |  
Knowledge Geography (+@{selected|Knowledge-Geography}), Knowledge Geography[Acrobatics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Knowledge-Geography} ]] ]] |  
Knowledge History (+@{selected|Knowledge-History}), Knowledge History[Acrobatics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Knowledge-History} ]] ]] | 
Knowledge Local (+@{selected|Knowledge-Local}), Knowledge Local[Acrobatics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Knowledge-Local} ]] ]] |  
Knowledge Nature (+@{selected|Knowledge-Nature}), Knowledge Nature[Acrobatics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Knowledge-Nature} ]] ]] |  
Knowledge Nobility (+@{selected|Knowledge-Nobility}), Knowledge Nobility[Acrobatics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Knowledge-Nobility} ]] ]] |  
Knowledge Planes (+@{selected|Knowledge-Planes}), Knowledge Planes[Acrobatics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Knowledge-Planes} ]] ]] |  
Knowledge Religion (+@{selected|Knowledge-Religion}), Knowledge Religion[Acrobatics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Knowledge-Religion} ]] ]] |  
Linguistics (+@{selected|Linguistics}),[Linguistics]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Linguistics} ]] ]] |  
Lore @{selected|Lore-name} (+@{selected|Lore}), [Lore]({selected|Lore-name})=[[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Lore} ]] ]] | 
*Perception (+@{selected|Perception}),[Perception]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Perception} ]] ]] | 
*Perform @{selected|Perform-name} (+@{selected|Perform}), [Perform]( (@{selected|Perform-name})=[[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Perform} ]] ]] |  
Profession @{selected|Profession-name} (+@{selected|Profession}), [Profession]( (@{selected|Profession-name})=[[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Profession} ]] ]] | 
*Ride (+@{selected|Ride}),[Ride]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Ride} ]] ]] | 
*Sense Motive (+@{selected|Sense-Motive}),[Sense Motive]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Sense-Motive} ]] ]] |  
Sleight of Hand (+@{selected|Sleight-of-Hand}), [Sleight of Hand]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Sleight-of-Hand} ]] ]] |  
Spellcraft (+@{selected|Spellcraft}), [Spellcraft]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Spellcraft} ]] ]] | 
*Stealth (+@{selected|Stealth}),[Stealth]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Stealth} ]] ]] | 
*Survival (+@{selected|Survival}), [Survival]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Survival} ]] ]] | 
*Swim (+@{selected|Swim}),[Swim]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Swim} ]] ]] |  
Use Magic Device (+@{selected|Use-Magic-Device}), [Use Magic Device]([[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Use-Magic-Device} ]] ]]

--Julian S. (talk) 20:49, 18 January 2016 (EST)

Attack how?

This macro shows (only you) your attack options as API buttons that you can then click on to attack.

It can be used as is, but is set up for 4 kinds of attacks. If you have less than that you might want to delete the extras, if you have less just add [@{Selected|repeating_weapon_$X_name}](! %{Selected|repeating_weapon_$X_attack-roll})}} (with the right number X) before the curly brackets

/w @{Selected|character_name} &{template:pf_attack} {{character_name=@{Selected|character_name}}} {{character_id=@{character_id}}} {{name=attack how?}} {{description=[@{Selected|repeating_weapon_$1_name}](!
%{Selected|repeating_weapon_$1_attack-roll}) [@{Selected|repeating_weapon_$0_name}](!
%{Selected|repeating_weapon_$0_attack-roll}) [@{Selected|repeating_weapon_$2_name}](!
%{Selected|repeating_weapon_$2_attack-roll}) [@{Selected|repeating_weapon_$3_name}](!

Defensive info + Saving Throws

This sends a tightly formatted message to chat that includes you various ACs (touch, flat, etc.) as well as rolling all 3 saving throws (i.e. ignore the ones that weren't called for, and have less macro buttons to worry about).

&{template:pf_attack} {{name=Verteidigung}} {{character_name=@{Shargok|character_name}}} {{character_id=@{Shargok|character_id}}} {{[[@{Shargok|AC}]] AC=***Saving throws***}} {{[[@{Shargok|Touch}]] Touch= Fortitude [[1d20+@{Shargok|Fort}]] }}{{[[@{Shargok|Flat-Footed}]] Flat = Reflexes [[1d20+@{Shargok|Ref}]]}} {{[[@{Shargok|CMD}]] CMD = Willpower [[1d20+@{Shargok|Will}]]}}{{}}


Group Rolls Static

This one (currently group perception for a specific party of four) can be edited to be group stealth or group will saves or anything you replace "perception" with. You also will have to replace the character's names with the characters in your game.

/w GM &{template:pf_generic}{{name=Group Perception}}{{Nigel=[[1d20+@{Nigel|Perception}]] }}Shargok=[[1d20+@{Shargok|Perception}]] }}{{Lembo=[[1d20+@{Lembo|Perception}]] }} {{Peritte=[[1d20+@{Peritte|Perception}]] }}

Group Rolls Dynamic

This one can be used as is, because it uses the targete attribute. However you'll have to click on the characters you want to know about every time - but then you get to choose what you want all those characters to roll. Will save? Perception? Choice is yours.

It's currently set up for 5 characters, if you have less, just click on one of the characters repeatedly - it still will be shown in Chat correctly (i.e. each character once). If you have more you need to add one row of {{@{target|charX|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|charX|ABC}]] }}| in each section with ABC being the appropriate attribute.

Also note that because it contains HTML entities (like } ) which are necessary for this to work, it has to be used in the ability section of the character sheet.

<code>/w GM &{template:pf_generic} ?{Skill?|Perception, {{name=Group Perception}} {{@{target|char1|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char1|perception}]] }}{{@{target|char2|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char2|perception}]] }}{{@{target|char3|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char3|perception}]] }}|
{{@{target|char4|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char4|perception}]] }}|
{{@{target|char5|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char5|perception}]] }}|
Fortitude, {{name=Group Fortitude}} {{@{target|char1|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char1|Fort}]] }}{{@{target|char2|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char2|Fort}]] }}{{@{target|char3|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char3|Fort}]] }}|
{{@{target|char4|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char4|Fort}]] }}|
{{@{target|char5|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char5|Fort}]] }}|
Reflex, {{name=Group Reflex}} {{@{target|char1|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char1|Ref}]] }}{{@{target|char2|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char2|Ref}]] }}{{@{target|char3|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char3|Ref}]] }}|
{{@{target|char4|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char4|Ref}]] }}|
{{@{target|char5|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char5|Ref}]] }}|
Will, {{name=Group Will}} {{@{target|char1|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char1|Will}]] }}{{@{target|char2|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char2|Will}]] }}{{@{target|char3|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char3|Will}]] }}|
{{@{target|char4|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char4|Will}]] }}|
{{@{target|char5|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char5|Will}]] }}|
Stealth, {{name=Group Stealth}} {{@{target|char1|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char1|Stealth}]] }}{{@{target|char2|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char2|Stealth}]] }}{{@{target|char3|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char3|Stealth}]] }}|
{{@{target|char4|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char4|Stealth}]] }}|
{{@{target|char5|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char5|Stealth}]] }}|
Sense Motive, {{name=Group Sense-Motive}} {{@{target|char1|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char1|Sense-Motive}]] }}{{@{target|char2|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char2|Sense-Motive}]] }}{{@{target|char3|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char3|Sense-Motive}]] }}|
{{@{target|char4|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char4|Sense-Motive}]] }}|
{{@{target|char5|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char5|Sense-Motive}]] }}|
Survival, {{name=Group Survival}} {{@{target|char1|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char1|Survival}]] }}{{@{target|char2|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char2|Survival}]] }}{{@{target|char3|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char3|Survival}]] }}|
{{@{target|char4|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char4|Survival}]] }}|
{{@{target|char5|character_name}=[[1d20+@{target|char5|Survival}]] }}|

Julian S. (talk) 03:31, 19 January 2016 (EST)