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Print Friendly

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Some Character sheets have been updated to better support printing them out on PDF or paper. It will likely take a lot of time before more sheets have this feature, given it was such a recent change.

Roll20 released this feature on Dec. 12th 2022 that made it possible for sheet authors and publishers to update Character sheets with this functionality

To print your sheet you can use the new print button located in the top left corner of the sheet window (next to the pop-out option). This button is only visible if the sheet have been updated for this feature.

List of Printer-Friendly Sheets

List of character sheets that's been updated to be printer-friendly.

Tips & Workaround

In theory, some simpler black-on-white Character Sheet could be more or less printable, if one uses the Browser Developer Tool to select and delete redundant HTML elements, like roll buttons, plus-signs from Repeating Sections, and so on.

It should be possible to create Stylus snippets that would change the visuals of a sheet to be more printer-friendly, even if it haven't been properly updated for the feature.

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