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Rogue trader improved

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Revision as of 21:07, 17 November 2020 by Andreas J. (Talk | contribs)

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General Information


This sheet is designed for use in Roll20 to play the Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader pen & paper RPG by Fantasy Flight Games. Based on the Dark Heresy 2nd Edition Character Sheet created by Daniel D., Michael R and Samuel L.

The sheet is best displayed on the Roll20 supported browsers Chrome and Firefox, at 100% Zoom (no zoom basically) and inside the roll20 game screen, however it can be expanded or displayed on an external window with no problems, most elements will stretch-out to fill the screen without breaking or overlapping.

Current Version: 1.1 Released: 8/29/20

Most white text areas can be hidden or displayed by checking the corresponding checkbox, the checkbox themselves have a tooltip info to let you know what they do.

Many fields also have tooltips that show important info, for example: in the Talents tab, the advancements section "Total XP Spent" putting the cursor over it will reveal a list that serves as guideline to determine a character's rank. More info about that in the tab section.

The sheet is split into 7 Tabs that are located at the top of the sheet, click on different tabs to switch.




This tab contains basic character/player info, Characteristics, Basic Skills, Advanced Skills, Custom Skill Groups, Profit Factor(PF), Fate Points(FP), and blocks to add Acquisitions, Misfortunes and Special Notes.


This tab is dedicated to all combat related info and macros to make combat more fluid, reduce book-keeping and tab switching: Ranged, Melee, Gears and Tools, "quick skill check/characteristic" buttons, Armour, Wounds, Critical Hits (and related conditions), Size mod, Movement, Fatigue and Initiative.


This tab contains Talents, Traits, Cybernetics, An Experience Point tracker, Insanity and Corruption.


This tab is a much simplified compact sheet used to add minor NPCs or companions to the character. Can add multiple NPCs.


Tab dedicated to vehicle statistics and vehicular combat. Can add multiple vehicles.


This tab is dedicated to Psychic powers and Navigator powers, it also includes integrated rollable tables for Psychic Phenomena and Perils of the Warp


This tab is dedicated to a single ship/voidcraft and includes all necessary stats and macros to play naval combat.

Dice Interpretation & Macros

Percentile dice rolls follow this basic formula


Critical Success (cs1) and Critical Failure (cf100) were added to better represent the roll colors, Red for fumble, green for critical.

The roll template interprets any positive result as a success (including 0) any negative results are failures, the results are divided by 10 (by the macro) to provide the Degree(s) of Success (or failure).

The results have decimal numbers, this is intentional just ignore them

  • We encountered a significant limitation with the macro math round/ceil/floor function.
  • Positive results when rounded down (floor) give an accurate result:
Target: 40   Roll Result: 54  "[[54-40/10]]" = 1.4 (floor) = 1 Degree of Success
  • Negative results when rounded down (floor) give an inaccurate result:
Target: 40   Roll Result: 24  "[[24-40/10]]" = -1.6 (floor) = -2 Degrees of Failure. (actual result would be -1 degree of failure)
  • (ceil) and (floor) functions cannot be combined in the same roll without some overly complicated conditional statements/scripts. no plans to correct this.

Known Issues

Characteristic number value displayed does not match the inline roll value

This is a flaw based on the way the character sheet saves some values as static numbers.

  • Solution: Switch to the "Attributes and Abilities" tab (on top of the 7 sheet tabs) and DELETE all values from the core characteristics (Weaponskill, ballisticskill, strength, etc.) the sheet then will auto calculate the values based on starting value + the advancements checkboxes.

Available Carry Capacity not updating after removing gear

This only happens when you remove gear from the list by deleting the item.

  • Solution: Switching tabs makes the sheet update this number, also checking any checkbox on the combat tab does the trick too.

Roll template in chat not properly displayed

You may notice that the roll template does not seem properly centered/displayed when presented on the chat, this visual bug is caused by the "Enable Chat Avatars" option in the "My settings" tab of the game options.

  • Solution: disable this option for proper display.

Possible Updates


Created By Mago

Sheet sourcecode: GitHubLogo.png