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Rogue trader improved

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Revision as of 01:42, 6 June 2024 by Mago (Talk | contribs)

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Character sheet designed for use in Roll20 to play the Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader pen & paper RPG by Fantasy Flight Games. The sheet created by Mago

This sheet does NOT require API Scripts.

This sheet is best displayed on the Roll20 supported browsers Chrome and Firefox, at 100% Zoom (no zoom) and inside the Roll20 game screen, however it can be expanded or displayed on an external window with no problems, most elements will stretch-out to fill the screen without breaking or overlapping.

  • Current Revision: #3 (Rev.3) May 2024
  • Latest changes: [1]


General Features

  • RTI Rev.3 Percentile dice macro design, emulates the original boardgame mechanics, you will see a Threshold number that is the characteristic value + modifiers. A d100 roll and the Success or Failure Check
  • Results that Equal to or lower than the Threshold are success, results that are higher than the Threshold are Failures. At the bottom you will see how many Degrees of success or Failure the test scored.
  • Most input fields (Type "Number") now have arrows to add and subtract, arrows only show up when you point at the fields, you can even click/hold the arrows to speed up.
  • Most white text fields can be hidden or displayed by checking the corresponding checkbox, the checkboxes themselves have a tooltip to let you know what they do.
  • Many fields and buttons have tooltips that show important information, for example: in the Talents tab, the advancements section "Total XP Spent", putting the cursor over it will reveal a list that serves as guideline to determine a character's rank. In addition many fields and macros have a ( 🛈 ) icon that contain rule reminders and other tips.

Universal Header

The Universal Header contains Player/Character name, Characteristics (including advancements and Bonus), Fate Points, 2 Quick Skill selectors, GM Rolls and Fatigue.

  • Characteristic numbers are filled in the Starting Field and the Adv. Checkboxes at the bottom add +5 each (Simple, Trained, Advanced, Expert) the number displayed in the big field is a sum of those values, These fields are also buttons that roll characteristic tests.
  • At the right corner of the characteristic number, you will find the Characteristic Bonus field (the grey curved square) you must fill these fields according to the rules you may be using, important macros use those values. (E.g: Str. Bonus for melee weapons)
  • Fate Points have a Pool and Current fields so the players can track FP, also the ( 🛈 ) icon has a tooltip with info on what you can do with Fate Points.
  • Quick Skill Selectors allow you to select up to 2 of your most used skills for quick access, this is intended to reduce the need for Tab switching. You must set up the skill bonuses (basic, trained, other bonuses, etc...) on the Skills Tab first.
    • These Selectors have been rendered obsolete by the Roll20's drag-able macro buttons feature, now any macro button can be clicked and dragged to the bottom of the sheet, to place said macro in the quick macro bar (at the bottom of the screen).
  • GM Rolls This selector/macro will roll in secret, only the player and the GM will be able to see it, if the GM is rolling, only the GM can see it.
  • Fatigue the ( 🛈 ) icon has a tooltip, with info on how fatigue affects the character. Fatigue has a Checkbox that when marked, will add a -10 penalty to all Characteristics (this is a workaround solution to the original rules), this penalty is visible on your characteristic scores above. Fatigue Limit is equal to Toughness Bonus.



The Skills tab contains Basic Skills, Advanced Skills, Skill Groups (including custom) and Profit Factor(PF).

  • All Skills and Skill Groups now have a ( 🛈 ) icon with a tooltip that contains info on how to use said skills and which categories they belong.
  • Basic and Advanced skills are very straight forward, the base value is calculated based on the Characteristic number.
  • Basic skills will roll with half the characteristic value if not "trained" (checkbox) by default.
  • Advanced Skills will always roll 0 unless the "Basic" or "trained" checkbox is checked, to use full characteristic, both basic and trained must be checked. (read the skill rules for clarification.)
  • Skill Groups are now divided into their respective classifications according to the core rules, each with their own repeating fields.
  • At the bottom you can also add Custom Skills not contemplated on the original game rules.
  • The Profit Factor section contains the Acquisition Test Macro, the macro will ask you for the various modifiers for the test.


This tab is dedicated to all combat related info and macros to make combat more fluid, reduce book-keeping and tab switching: Ranged, Melee, Gear and Tools, Armour, Wounds, Critical Hits (and related conditions), Size mod, Movement, Initiative and a Damage Calculator.


  • Ranged and Melee Weapons section contain several macros to facilitate combat, they also include selectors for several common modifiers like Range, Aim and Combat Actions.
  • Macro Buttons in these sections have info tooltips to let the players know what kind of modifiers the macros have, hover over them without clicking to see them.
  • The Checkbox to the right of the Show Special button, hides the weapon's description/special text field.
  • In the Range Weapons section, the Flame macro is intended to be used only for weapons with the Flame Quality since these weapons do not require an attack roll, however in order to work properly the Damage dice field requires special syntax, hover over the button to see examples.

Gears & Tools

  • To properly calculate the characters carry capacity you must select SB + TB total from the selector to the right.
  • The Mod Fields will increase or decrease these values based on multipliers taken from the core rulebook.
  • Carry Mod has no multiplier, any value will increase/decrease the Carry Max Value on a 1 = 1 ratio.
  • Lift Mod Will increase/decrease the value of Lift x2 (e.g. 2x2 = 4)
  • Push Mod Will increase/decrease the value of Push x4 (e.g. 2x4 = 8)

Armour & Defense

  • On top of this section you can see the Initiative macros, Multi-Hit and Damage Calculators
  • Armour Section has the AP field on top, the bottom is an Auto-calc of the AP + TB (from the Universal Header).
  • The Wounds section has several fields to accurately track the total Wounds the Character has.
  • Size Modifier gives visual reference to chance to hit based on combat modifiers, however it also modifies Normal Movement, select different sizes to see the effect below.
  • Normal Movement is based on Agility Bonus, you can see the multipliers as tooltips on each field by putting the mouse cursor over them.
    • A note on Unnatural Agility: Since Unnatural Agility (Bonus) will change movement, it is recommended to use the Custom Movement section instead, also recommended in case the character has Unnatural Speed
  • Base jump and Base leap are based on Strength Bonus, you can see the multipliers as tooltips on each field by putting the mouse cursor over them.
  • The Initiative macro requires a value on the field to the Left (___). Hover over the field to see examples.


This tab contains Talents, Traits, Cybernetics, An experience point tracker, Insanity and Corruption.

  • Talents, Traits and Cybernetics descriptions can be posted in the q Text Chat, by clicking the Show Button.
  • The description fields can hold Inline Rolls, very useful if you have talents or traits that have a roll as a part of its effects.
  • Inline Rolls must always be written inside double square brackets [[ ]], to roll you must use the Show button to see it on the Chat.
  • The Checkbox to the right hides the description, uncheck to reveal.
  • The Experience and Advancements section has auto-calc fields so you don't have to do math, you must input your total XP in the Earned XP field.
  • Below are the Advancement taken fields, add as many as needed and their related XP cost in the smaller fields to the right.
  • The Total XP Spent has a tooltip info that gives you a guideline on how to determine a Characters rank (based on original rules).


The insanity Points section contains very useful macros and fields to keep track of the characters IP.

  • The Fear Test macro will allow you to select the fear rating (penalty to the test) the Fear test is based on Willpower characteristic.
  • The Shock Table will add a -10 penalty for every Degree of Failure (on the Fear Test, this is not automatic).
  • Total Insanity Points go in the middle field.
  • The Trauma test has a modifier based on the Degrees of Madness Selector below, you can see this modifier in the Trauma Mod field.
  • Trauma table will add a -10 penalty for every Degree of Failure (on the Trauma Test, this is not automatic) .
  • Below this you can add the fields for mental disorders with the Add Button.


The Corruption Points section contains very useful macros and fields to keep track of the characters CP.

  • The Malignancy Test is based on Willpower characteristic and malignancy modifier, you can see the modifier below to the right and that is based on Degree of Corruption.
  • The Malignancy and Mutation tables have no modifiers.
  • Total Corruption Points go in the middle field.
  • Characteristic tests buttons with checkboxes here are intended for the mutation test, the checkboxes have a tooltip info.
  • Below you can add fields for malignancies and mutations with the Add button.


This tab is dedicated to Psychic powers and Navigator powers, it also includes integrated rollable tables for Psychic Phenomena and Perils of the Warp. The Navigator section contains Nav. Powers, Lineage and Nav. Mutations. This tab also features a checkbox, Check reveals the Navigator section, Uncheck reveals the Psyker section.

Psychic Powers

  • On the top of this section now you can add up to 5 different Disciplines, each Discipline Field now has a Checkbox that marks said Discipline as "Mastered". Mastered Disciplines add +1 to Effective Psy Rating (in the manifest macro) to all Fettered technique casting.
  • Psychic Phenomena rolls a 1d100 (+10 for every power sustained), remember to add the appropriate modifier if the psyker is Pushing.
  • Perils of the Warp roll and Perils table are split due to difficulties implementing a rule called "Soul-bound" that allows the psyker to roll 3 separate dice to select a more favorable result. You must input the result from the perils roll on the Perils table to the see the effects.
  • Only input base Psy Rating in the Psy Rating field, since the psy powers macros have PR modifiers in the technique fields.
  • Powers Sustained will count how many techniques the Psyker is actively sustaining, to Mark a technique as been currently sustained, you must check the checkbox to the right of the Sustained "yes/no" selector
    • Effective Psy Rating will be reduced by -1 for every Power Sustained as per the core rules.
  • The Psychic Technique sections can be added with the Add button, the modify button will allow you to move the technique order or delete them with the "Trashcan" button.
  • The Discipline Selector is intended for you to select which Discipline (from the 5 above) the technique uses, this is for the purposes of the "Fettered" macro if the Discipline is "Mastered".
  • You can Hide most of the info on each Psy Technique by checking the Checkbox to the Right of the Info Button.
  • IMPORTANT if the Technique does NO damage, leave the Damage field at "0" and the + (EPR bonus) at No Dmg. This will affect the "Manifest" macro, this field also has a tooltip reminded.

Navigator Powers

  • Lineage Benefits description field can be hidden with the checkbox to the right. To add more fields use the Add Button.
  • The Navigator Mutation section contains the mutation test based on Toughness +/- Modifier
  • The number in the middle is the mutation test modifier (determined based on Nav Lineage selected)
  • You can hide the Novice/Adept/Master description fields by checking the checkbox next to the Show button.
  • The Show button will post in the Chat the Novice/Adept/Master description.


This tab is intended for you to record your character's Origin path and also has fields for Acquisitions, Misfortunes, Endeavors, Special Notes, and Character Description.

  • The Acquisitions, Misfortunes, Endeavors and Special notes have a "Show" Button, clicking it will post the description on the chat window.
  • The checkbox to the right of the Show Button will hide the description text area, unchecking it will reveal it.
  • The Character Description field now has plenty of space to further expand its description and background, no need to use the old "Bio and Info" tab anymore!.


Tab dedicated to vehicle statistics and vehicular combat. Can add multiple vehicles.

  • In order to use the macros in this tab you must fill the Skill fields in the Manoeuvre Actions & Combat Skills.
  • The Weapons section now features a checkbox to the left of the Weapon Name Field, checking this will swap the fields for Vehicle Melee Weapons (yes they exist)
  • You can add multiple vehicles with the Add Button at the bottom Left, move or remove with the Modify button at the bottom right.


This tab is dedicated to a single ship/voidcraft and includes all necessary stats and macros to play naval combat.

  • This tab has many Info tooltips, hover over the fields and checkboxes to see them.
  • Ship Ballistic needs to be filled in order to use the Weapon component Fire Macro (Dice Icon).
  • Right next to the Turret Rating field (Dice Icon) is the Defensive Turrets macro, hover over to see details
  • Crew Rating field has a useful tooltip that lists the different crew levels, Required to use the Crew Test macro.
  • Manoeuvre Action macro requires the Pilot (spacecraft) field to be filled.
  • Critical Hit Macro works by selecting the appropriate option to the right.
  • Initiative macro rolls a 1d10 + Detection Bonus (this bonus is already calculated based on the Detection value).
  • Supplies Field is there to track the ship supplies (in days) it also has a tooltip with addition info.
  • Crew Pop and Morale effects Buttons works with the selectors to the right, these are intended to keep track of the effects that take place when loosing Crew Population and Morale.
  • Weapon Component section has 2 macros, the Fire Weapon macro (Dice Icon) and the Damage Roll macro (Dice Icon).
  • Essential/Supplemental components section has fields for Power and Space, adding values here add up in the Power Used and Space Used fields above.
  • Component "Status" checkboxes have useful tooltips about said status.
  • The checkbox to the Right of the SP fields hides the component description, uncheck to reveal.


This tab is a much simplified compact sheet used to add minor NPCs or companions to the character. Can add multiple NPCs.

  • This tab does not have as much functionality as the main sheet, there are no auto-calc fields here, Only exception is STR mod in NPC melee weapons.
  • Due to limitations in how Repeating fields cannot be placed inside Repeating fields, this tab does not have them since the whole tab is a repeating field.
  • As above mentioned, this allows you to add multiple minor NPCs in a single character sheet.
  • For more complex NPCs / Enemies, We strongly recommend you to create separate characters with their own sheets.
  • You can hide the whole NPC section by checking the checkbox in the upper middle section, uncheck to reveal.
  • NPC do not trigger Righteous Fury as per the rules, thus there is no RF macro in the NPC weapons section.

Custom Macros using the Roll Template

If you want to create your own custom macros using this character sheet's Roll Template use template &{template:custom}

  • The first line uses {{name=}} This is the first line of the macro when displayed on the Chat.
  • These keys will show the line Centered and Bold {{d1=}} {{t1=}} {{p1=}} in descending order.
  • The description field uses {{desc=}} The text here will be centered, it will always be at the bottom, be sure to remove any spaces in between lines for better display.
  • The other lines simply follow {{insert title here = insert value here}} Same as the Roll20's Default Template.
  • The following Key names are in use by the roll template, you should avoid these if you do not want these fields to show up
    • hallu flame d1 t1 p1 psyres psydosdof d100p psytest stun stunloc d100a powerparry parry pdesc dosdof testresult testtarget d100 psydesc psypen psydmg desc name attack hitloc fallhitloc bloodloss fury furydice navmutable perilstable psytable shocktable traumatable maligtable mutable scatter multihit

Useful Attributes for tokens

Here are some suggestions when linking Attributes to token bubbles


  • "Wounds" (character current wounds)
  • "Fate" (character current FP)
  • "fatiguecurrent" (character current fatigue points)
  • "HalfMove, FullMove, ChargeMove, RunMove" (movement statistics)
  • "CustomHalfMove, CustomFullMove, CustomChargeMove, CustomRunMove" (custom movement statistics)
  • "WBS, BSB, SB, TB, AB, IB, PB, WPB, FB" (characteristic bonus)


  • "Hullintegrity" (ships current Hull Integrity)

List is incomplete will continue later.

🛠 (Extras)

This tab only exists as a testbed, however it contains the sheet's Credits and a link to this very article it may receive more features in the future

Known Issues

Old Skill Groups Disappeared

  • No solution for this issue available at this time, players will have to add the skill groups manually again in the new fields.
  • It is possible that some of that information is still preserved in the "Attributes and Abilities" Tab of the character sheet. Check this tab before adding the skills again.

Available Carry Capacity not updating after removing gear

This only happens when you remove gear from the list by deleting the item.

  • Solution: Switching tabs makes the sheet update this number, also checking any checkbox on the combat tab does the trick too.

Roll template in chat not properly displayed

You may notice that the roll template does not seem properly centered/displayed when presented on the chat, this visual bug is caused by the "Enable Chat Avatars" option in the "My settings" tab of the game options.

  • Solution: disable this option for proper display.
  • For an even better display, you can reduce the size of the chat, by dragging it to the right

Planned Future Update

Rev 4:

  • Add and Modify button text replaced by icons
  • Complete redesign using CSS grid structure
  • minor bug fixes


  • Created By Mago
    • Original sheet layout based on Dark Heresy 2nd Edition Character Sheet created by Daniel D., Michael R and Samuel L.

Special Thanks to

  • RainbowEncoder for providing vital support with macros using reused rolls and decimal removal
  • GiGs and Scott C. for providing advice with this sheet layout, including resolution to the infamous "input inside a button" problem
  • Oosh for assisting with the Damage Calculator macro
  • Andreas j. for providing support on this wiki page (and the whole wiki site tbh)
  • The Aaron for "The Aaron sheet" script workers inside this sheet

Sheet sourcecode: Rogue Trader Improved