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Likely to be sometime in October.
Roll20Con 2021 will be '''November 12-14'''.  
=Past Cons=
=Past Cons=

Revision as of 12:20, 6 October 2021

Roll20Con is a yearly gaming convention run by Roll20 since 2014. It's usually in October.

From wikipedia:

"Roll20 has held an online gaming convention named Roll20CON every year since 2016, consisting of an organized series of online games hosted on Roll20 and streamed on Twitch, along with other events. Roll20 has partnered with charitable organizations to run Roll20CON: The Cybersmile Foundation, an organization providing support for victims of cyberbullying, in 2016; and Take This, an organization focused on mental health in the gaming community, in 2019." usually gets updated on the latest con



Roll20Con 2021 will be November 12-14.

Past Cons


Roll20Con 2020 was October 23-25source.


From the Blog Post:

"From October 23rd to October 25th, 2020, we’ll be celebrating the online TTRPG community with panels, discussions, and plenty of gaming, featuring some of your favorite games, streamers, and creators from the wide world of Roll20.
This year, in addition to the fun you’d expect from Roll20Con, we’ll be celebrating the first-ever RPG built from the ground-up for Roll20, Burn Bryte! Expect plenty of surprises from the Olaxis Galaxy over the weekend, including demos, streams, and more."


Roll20Con 2019 was October 5-6.