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Ryuutama character Sheet

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Ryuutama Character Sheet

This sheet is designed to provide a simple playing experience for new and veteran Ryuutama players. Its built-in roll functions allow the players to have a hands-off experience from all of the bonuses and penalties that can potentially apply to rolls from sources such as class, type, topography, status conditions, and daily Condition check.

For more information about Ryuutama and links to the official character sheet, please see the References at the bottom of this page.


There are three ways to include the this sheet in your game.

  • You can start a new game and select it as the character sheet at that time from the Create New Game screen.
  • For existing games you can add a character sheet from the Game Details page. On the Game Details page there is a Settings drop down with an option for Game Settings. On the Game Settings page you can select it from the drop-down options. Click save and you're ready to roll.
  • For Pro subscribers who want to add their own custom details to the character sheet, there is the option of selecting Custom from the drop-down options on the game settings page. Copy the code here and paste it in the code box underneath the HTML Layout tab. Then, copy the stylesheet found here and paste it in the code box underneath the CSS Styling tab. You are now free to make any custom modifications to the sheet for your campaign.

Once installed the sheet can be accessed on any character added to the Journal. The middle tab on any character will open the sheet.


There are eight button on the sheet to assist in rolling dice. All rolls from the sheet are of the form [[{Xd10s}>Df1]], where X is the number of dice and D is the difficulty. Different buttons will operate slightly differently. The number subsequently displayed will be the strict number of successes minus the number of ones. It may be necessary to mouse over the number to see the result for each die to determine the total number of successes due to tens rolled on a specialty roll or whether or not a botch has occurred.


The sheet contains five tabs, each of which serve a distinct function for the player and/or the character.





  • Stat Name - Stat Info



Supplemental API Scripts


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