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Script:Auto Teleporting and Chat Based Teleporting

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Author: Josh
The intention of this script is to allow the DM to teleport one or all characters to a location based on a token placed on the DM layer of the map. To activate the script, type "!Teleport " and add the name of the teleport location (must not contrain spaces) and then the name of the party member to teleport there. They must be seperated by commas. If you want all to teleport, type all. ie. !Teleport teleport01, all - teleports all players to teleport01

AUTOTELEPORTING: This feature allows you to place a token on One square (for example stairs) and it will auto move a token to the linked location and back again should you choose. Linked locations need to be tokens placed on the GMLayer. Naming conventions:

  • Two way doors: XXXXXXXX2A, XXXXXXXXX2B
  • (in the case of one way doors, dont create a 3C)
  • This system can handle up to 9 way doors (9I max).