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API ScriptAuthor: Ulty
Version: 0.1
Last Modified: 2017-06-14
Code: COFantasy
Dependencies: Vector Math
Conflicts: None

This script provides a number of utility functions to help with Chroniques Oubliées Fantasy, a French RPG edited by Black Book Edition. The script is intended to work with Natha's character sheet for Chroniques Oubliées. Main functionalities include attack and damage resolution and initiative tracker, with the intent to automate as much as possible from the rules. In addition, the script allows undoing most of the actions performed through its functions.


Since Chroniques Oubliée is a French game, detailed instructions are available in French.

Script Use

The script provides functions to be used by players and others by GM, but without performing any check on that. Functions available to players should all be invoked from character abilities shown as token actions, whereas those for the GM would fit better in the macro bar.

Examples of player functions:

{{API command|cof-attaque 1 --percant --magique}, to perform an attack with piercing magical weapon}
{{API command|cof-statut}, to show the current status of a token (state, munitions, buffs,...)}
{{API command|cof-effet-temp chant_des_heros [[5+@{selected|CHA}]] --allies}, an example of spell casting on allies}