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Script:Dice Roller (Edge of the Empire)

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Revision as of 14:17, 16 April 2015 by Andrew H. (Talk | contribs)

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API ScriptAuthor: Konrad J., Steve Day, Aaron C. M., Andrew H., Tom F.
Version: 2.5
Last Modified: 2015-02-13
Code: EotE Dice Roller
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

A Dice roller for the Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny Roleplaying Game


API Chat Commands

  • Settings:
    • Log
      • default: 'on' and 'single'
      • Description: Sets the visual output in the chat window for the dice rolls
      • Command: !eed log on|off|multi|single
    • Debug
      • default: 'off'
      • Description: Sets the logging level of the script in the API console. If you are having issues with the
      • script rolling incorrect dice, turn on debug logging and post the result in the forums. No need to restart the
      • script with this command.
      • Command: !eed debug on|off
    • Graphics
      • default: 'on' and 'm'
      • Description: Sets chat window dice output as graphic, small, medium, or large if "on" or as text if "off"
      • Command: !eed graphics on|off|s|m|l
    • Test
      • Description: Output every side of every die to the chat window
      • !eed test
    • Roll:
      • Label
      • default: null
      • Description: set the skill name of the roll
      • Command: !eed label(Name of Skill)
    • Initiative
      • default: false
      • Description: Set NPC/PC initiative true
      • Command: !eed npcinit or pcinit and #b #g #y #blk #p #r #w
    • Skill
      • default:
      • Description: create the ability and proficiency dice for a skill check
      • Command: !eed skill(char_value|skill_value)
    • Opposed
      • default:
      • Description: create the difficulty and challenge dice for an opposed skill check
      • Command: !eed opposed(char_value|skill_value)
    • Dice
      • default:
      • Description: Loop thru the dice and adds or subtracts them from the dice object
      • Command: !eed #g #y #b #blk #r #p #w #s #a
    • Upgrade
      • default:
      • Description: upgrades ability and difficulty dice
      • Command: !eed upgrade(ability|#) or upgrade(difficulty|#)
    • Downgrade
      • default:
      • Description: downgrades proficiency and challenge dice
      • Command: !eed downgrade(proficiency|#) or downgrade(challenge|#)


v2.6 (2015-04-15)

  • Added debug logging to API console.
  • Extra dice will be added automatically when weapons are damaged
  • Negative dice can now be used in the character sheet.

EXAMPLE If the GM has 2 setback dice in the GMPool, the player can put -1blk in the dice text box, or -1 in the players dicepool and the script will do the subtraction for you.

v2.5 (2015-02-13)

  • Release