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Script:Door Knocker

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Opening & Closing Doors via the DoorKnocker (Nov 5, 2021) (Nick O.)

Main Page: API:Script Index

Door Knocker helps quickly open and close doors by controlling the dynamic lighting lines. It can also produce windows, to block movement without blocking sight. Created by Scott C.

Using Door Knocker

The script will move Dynamic Lighting lines used as doors to the map layer and make them transparent, opening the door. It determines what is a door and a wall based on the stroke color of the polygon and will only open doors within 1 square (default 70px) of the door knocker token.

A In-game handout contains full instructions.

Basic Command Syntax

The script uses a standardized API command syntax. All Door Knocker commands will begin with !knock. This will then be followed by a space a double dash preceding a keyword and options group. This looks like this:

!knock --keyWord|option1|option2|...
Door Knocker Tutorial (Nov 8, 2020)


open/closes all doors withing range:

!knock --push|toggle|range

All Commands: See in-game handout, or Door Knocker v1.211 - Windows(Forum)

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