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m (Changelog)
m (Changelog)
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{{changelog version|0.5|2016-02-20|Redraw command}}
{{changelog version|0.5|2016-02-20|Redraw command}}
{{changelog version|0.4|2016-02-20|Import/Export}}
{{changelog version|0.4|2016-02-20|Import/Export}}
{{changelog version|0.3|2016-02-19| Release}}
{{changelog version|0.3|2016-02-19|Release}}

Revision as of 22:44, 29 February 2016

API ScriptAuthor: 791452 Lucian H.
Version: 1.0.1
Last Modified: 2016-02-29
Code: DynamicLightRecorder
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

This script lets you save dynamic lighting paths for map graphics - most usefully for map tiles - and then automatically recreates them when you drop that graphic on the canvas again in the future. It also ensures that the lighting paths are rotated, scaled, flipped and moved along with the tiles to which they are attached. In addition, it can manage dynamic lighting paths for player-controllable doors, rotating them as the door is rotated.



v1.0.1 (2016-02-29) Minor bugfix

v1.0 (2016-02-29) Local templates, transmogrifier compatibility, door angle control

v0.9 (2016-02-25) Minor bugfix to export functionality

v0.8 (2016-02-24) Selectively wipe templates

v0.7 (2016-02-23) Selective export, logging framework

v0.6 (2016-02-22) Direct control doors for prettier door rotation

v0.5 (2016-02-20) Redraw command

v0.4 (2016-02-20) Import/Export

v0.3 (2016-02-19) Release