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=== Changelog ===
=== Changelog ===
{{changelog version|3.1|2015-01-22|* Fixed transcription error}}
{{changelog version|3.0|2015-01-08|* Release}}
{{changelog version|3.0|2015-01-08|* Release}}

Revision as of 17:30, 22 January 2015

API ScriptAuthor: Brian
Version: 3.0
Last Modified: 2015-01-08
Code: Flight
Dependencies: splitArgs
Conflicts: None

Flight creates the API command !fly, which sets statusmarkers on the selected tokens to represent how high they are flying.


!fly [height]

S → !fly height
height → ε

Parameter Values
height Optional. Set the height of the selected token(s). If this parameter is 0, negative, or omitted, the flight value will be removed from the token(s).


Numbers with multiple digits will create multiple wing statusmarkers, one for each digit. Zero digits (for example, the tens digit of "205") will show up as a wing statusmarker with no number.

Flight Example.jpg


v3.1 (2015-01-22)

  • Fixed transcription error

v3.0 (2015-01-08)

  • Release