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Difference between revisions of "Script:Flip Tokens"

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Revision as of 17:59, 8 January 2015

The following script creates the API command !flip




 * If a player or GM uses the `!flip' command, all graphics they have selected
 * will flip horizontally. Try creating a macro button for this and making it
 * visible to all players!
on('chat:message', function(msg) {
    if(msg.type == 'api' && msg.selected && msg.content.indexOf('!flip') == 0)
        var selectedObjs = msg.selected;
        _.each(selectedObjs, function(obj) {
            if(obj._type == 'graphic')
                var token = getObj('graphic', obj._id);
                token.set('fliph', !token.get('fliph'));