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=== Syntax ===
=== Syntax ===
{{syntaxbox top}}
{{syntaxbox top|Highlight Token at Top of Initiative}}
{{API command|eot}}
{{API command|eot}}
{{syntaxbox end}}
{{syntaxbox end}}

Revision as of 22:41, 8 January 2015

API ScriptAuthor: HoneyBadger
Version: 1.2
Last Modified: 2014-03-15
Code: Highlight Token at Top of Initiative
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

Highlights the token at the top of the turn order window. Also creates the API command !eot, allowing players to advance the turn.




There is one configuration variable near the top of the script. You may alter it to customize the script functionality:

  • AnnounceNewRound – Set to true if you want the script to announce the round, or false otherwise.