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API ScriptAuthor: Anthony
Version: 1.1.1
Last Modified: 2015-12-17
Code: Languages
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None


A re-work of "WhatSaywithUnknown.js" by derekkoehl which is an enhancement on "What Did He Say?" by Stephen S. It gets rid of the character sheet method for picking a language and implements a command line interface. It also includes features for creating languages, deleting languages, and, setting the character sheet language attribute name that the script uses for compatibility with all character sheets

Forum post here:


If the character sheets in your campaign do not use "prolanguages" as the attribute name for langauges then you must use the !setLanguageTag command as described below in order to set this script up for your campaign. Users will be notified, in game, if the language attribute is not set up properly.


!<language> <message>
Parameter Values
language The language to speak. See Default Languages below for a full list of options, or create your own language with the command available below.
message The message to send. Players who have the language in their character-sheet will see the message, while everyone else only sees the gibberish.
!setlanguagetag <attribute>
Parameter Values
attribute The name of the attribute that character sheets in your campaign use for languages
!createlanguage <languagename> <seednumber> <parentlanguage>
Parameter Values
languagename The name of the language that you wish to create
seednumber A single digit number that represents how related this language is to its parent
parentlanguage The name of the parent language that the new language gets it's name from
!deletelanguage <attribute>
Parameter Values
attribute The name of the language you wish to delete

Default Languages

The following languages come setup in this script:

  • abyssal
  • aquan
  • auran
  • celestial
  • draconic
  • druidic
  • dwarven
  • elven
  • giant
  • gnoll
  • gnome
  • goblin
  • halfling
  • ignan
  • infernal
  • orc
  • sylvan
  • terran
  • thieves'cant
  • undercommon


v1.1.1 (2015-12-17)

  • Release