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Script:Raise Count

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Revision as of 01:33, 31 August 2013 by Brian (Talk | contribs)

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The following script creates the API command !rc, which rolls dice and counts the number of raises for the Savage Worlds game system.



!rc roll|target
Parameter Values
roll A dice roll, using Roll20's normal syntax. Do not include the /r command or inline brackets ([[ and ]]).
target The target number for the roll. The number of raises will be calculated against this target.


var raise_count = raise_count || {};

// Raise increment; generalized in case there are cases where it isn't 4
raise_count.RAISE_SIZE = 4;
// Output formatting. %1$s will be replaced with an inline roll. %2$s will be replaced by the user's target input.
// %3$s will be replaced by the number of raises resulting the from roll. change this string if you want the results
// to show up differently in chat.
raise_count.OUTPUT_FORMAT = 'Roll: %1$s, Target: %2$s, Raises: %3$s';

on('chat:message', function(msg) {
    if(msg.type != 'api' || msg.content.indexOf('!rc ')) return;
    var roll = msg.content.substring(4, msg.content.indexOf('|'));
    var target = msg.content.substring(msg.content.indexOf('|')+1);
    var sendAs = 'system';
    var character = findObjs({_type: 'character', name: msg.who})[0];
    if(character) sendAs = 'character|';
    else sendAs = 'player|'+msg.playerid;
    sendChat(sendAs, '[['+roll+']]', function(fmsg) {
        var expression = fmsg[0].inlinerolls['1'].expression;
        var total = fmsg[0].inlinerolls['1'];
        var raises = Math.floor((total - target) / raise_count.RAISE_SIZE);
        var rollOut = '<span title="Rolling '+expression+' = ';
        var fail = crit = false;
        for(var i in fmsg[0].inlinerolls['1'].results.rolls)
            var r = fmsg[0].inlinerolls['1'].results.rolls[i];
            if(r['type'] != 'R') continue;
            rollOut += '(';
            var max = r['sides'];
            for(var k = 0; k < r['results'].length; k++)
                var value = r['results'][k]['v'];
                crit = crit || (value == max);
                fail = fail || (value == 1);
                rollOut += '<span class="basicdiceroll'+(value==max?' critsuccess':(value==1?' critfail':''))+'">';
                rollOut += value+'</span>+';
            rollOut = rollOut.substring(0,rollOut.length - 1)+')+';
        rollOut = rollOut.substr(0, rollOut.length - 1);
        rollOut += '" class="a inlinerollresult showtip tipsy-n';
        rollOut += (crit&&fail?' importantroll':(crit?' fullcrit':(fail?' fullfail':'')))+'">'+total+'</span>';
        var message = '/direct '+raise_count.sprintf(raise_count.OUTPUT_FORMAT, rollOut, target, raises);
        sendChat(sendAs, message);

 * Really really really super naive implementation of the sprintf function,
 * which will only really work for this script. I should be ashamed for qriting it.
raise_count.sprintf = function(format, arg1, arg2, arg3)
    var out = format.replace('%1$s', arg1);
    out = out.replace('%2$s', arg2);
    out = out.replace('%3$s', arg3);
    return out;


!rc 2d12+d6|?{Target|7}

This will result in an output such as "Roll: [20], Target: 7, Raises: 3".


On line 8, you will see the variable raise_count.OUTPUT_FORMAT. You can change this string to alter how the script outputs the result.